Nothing is more delicious and energising than a pancake baked with nicely prepared pancake batter with rice flour, wheat flour, or plain flour and some copious seasonings of chocolate syrup on top! Doesn’t it sound delicious? Well, it is a lip-smacking delicacy, only if you have the right appliances and equipment. Cooking the best pancakes without an ideal pancake pan can be a massive hassle. Also, it could lead to the disruption of the flavor, taste, and entire shape of the pancake. Thus, the priority is to get yourself a nice pancake pan that would ease all your struggles of whipping up the perfect pancake in the nick of time. We, at Cookware Mart, understand all these issues, and therefore, we have curated the perfect assortment of the best pancake pans in India based on solid groundwork and research. According to our research data, the best pancake maker India tag goes to the Prestige Omega Select Plus Set Dosa Tawa.

Our Pick

Prestige Omega Select Plus Set Dosa Tawa

Seamless Pancake and Dosa Preparation with Modern Technology

Our researchers and product testers were highly impressed with the superb functionality of this pan cake pan cum dosa tawa after putting in nearly 100 hours of testing behind it. It most deservedly ranks as the top product in this category.

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Our kitchen appliance and cookware testers and researchers have been putting hours of solid research and product evaluation by subjecting them to stringent quality control tests. And we were highly appreciative of the positive attributes that the Prestige Omega Select Plus Set Dosa Tawa displayed!

For starters, we loved the dimensions. It simply is the best pancake pan for you to whip up a pancake of any size or shape, with stuffings and more! We also loved the innovation that has gone behind manufacturing this product as it conducts heat evenly and that uniform distribution indeed helps you cook the best pancakes and dosas. Another high point of the technology that has gone behind dishing out this product is the scratch-proof surface along with abrasion resistance.

But the positives don’t end here. We found this pancake pan to be amazingly tough and it also turns safety a notch up in the kitchen with its sturdy and easily maneuverable handles. While testing the product’s compatibility with metal, we discovered that it is metal spoon friendly, and that makes cooking a lot easier with this pan. However, if you want some more amazing product recommendations, you can check out the runner-up in our list - Anjali Diamond Aluminium Non-stick Uttapam Tawa.


Anjali Diamond Aluminium Non-stick Uttapam Tawa

A Mixture of Innovation and Incredible Creativity

Our product testers simply love this non-stick pancake pan for its lightweight nature and all-round abilities. It has garnered rave reviews from our team and deservedly sits at the number two spot on our list.

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We came across the Anjali Diamond Aluminium Non-stick Uttapam Tawa while conducting our research and subjected it to hours of stringent tests. Frankly, it performed superbly considering our strict quality control parameters.

This pancake pan is one-of-a-kind with its lightweight aluminium body that makes handling effortless. We ensured that even someone not well-versed with the intricacies of cooking can use it seamlessly when we allowed our volunteers to try and use it to test their culinary expertise. And boy, the results were fabulous! We ended up eating delicious pancakes to our heart’s content and that made this testing phase so wholesome! The pancakes were cooked in a jiffy, and that speaks volumes about the uniform heat distribution that this pancake maker offers.

The non-stick coating is high-quality and prevents any kind of toxicity while you cook. We also found out that the superlative non-stick coating makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Our experts also appreciated the premium bakelite handles that are sturdy and prevent you from getting any burns or scorches while cooking. However, if you want to go forward with a more pocket-friendly product without compromising on the positives, you can check out our budget pick below.

Budget Pick

HOMEST Classic Grill Mini Uttapam Tawa

The Classic Companion to Help You Make a Quick Breakfast

If you wish to have a classic breakfast of English pancakes in a jiffy, our experts will recommend you this mini uttapam tawa that has performed satisfactorily in all our tests.

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What our experts loved about this mini pancake pan was its super-lightweight aluminium body which makes handling effortless, especially when you have to prepare yourself a quick breakfast to not run late for the office!

We also totally dig the high-quality aluminium make with the anti-skid design. The anti-skid design is one of the most innovative features that prevent any kind of mishaps in your kitchen when you are trying to prepare your food fast the ergonomic, riveted handle provides additional support and enhances the durability of the pan - and we loved this safety feature that this amazing product sports.

We have used this product under various test conditions and it performed impeccably. Our hobby chefs tried out multiple recipes, not just pancakes, and they all turned out fantastic! But one of the most important reasons that this mini pancake pan features in our top three list is because of the highly affordable price tag it flaunts. It is a top-notch product within a reasonable price range and this increased its popularity amongst our experts.

Top 10 Pancake Maker India List

Experimenting with food can be a lot of fun, especially when you have the right tools at your disposal. We, at Cookware Mart, understand this and have put a lot of thought and effort into curating the best pancake maker list. Check out the top 10 pancake pans in India right here, right now!

  1. Prestige Omega Select Plus Set Dosa Tawa
  2. Anjali Diamond Aluminium Non-stick Uttapam Tawa
  3. HOMEST Classic Grill Mini Uttapam Tawa
  4. Cello Non-Stick 4 -Cavity Aluminium Appam/Uttapam Maker with Spatter
  5. Tefal Hard Titanium with Non-Stick Pancake Pan
  6. Nirlon Non-Stick Aluminium Mini Pancake/Uttapam Tawa Pan
  7. Panca Premium Grill Mini Pan
  8. DEZEEN Classic Grill Mini Uttapam/Tawa
  9. Rock Tawa 4cv Mini Square Pancake Pan
  10. Gnexin Non-Stick Ceramic Pancake Maker

The list above contains some of the supreme product recommendations. You can take a pick once you are well-informed about the product descriptions and their details. Scroll down for the immersive details concerning every pancake pan mentioned in our list.

1. Prestige Omega Select Plus Set Dosa Tawa

This is a multifunctional non-stick dosa tawa that can be used for making numerous tasty and healthy dishes including a sweet pancake. One of the best things about the Prestige Omega Select plus dosa tawa is that it distributes the heat evenly while cooking, which helps you cook shapely, crispy pancakes with the help of simple, eggless pancake recipes. It is easy to clean and comes with sturdy handles and is made with scratch and abrasion-resistant technology.

This product has been deemed the ‘best pancake pan in India’ by all of our cooking appliance experts due to its sturdiness and durability. It even comes with a 1-year warranty and is a long-lasting product as well. This pancake pan is also metal spoon friendly, which is one of the best things since making a dosa or an Indian pancake with wheat flour or plain flour requires the usage of metal spoons. While testing this product, some of our team members even sprinkled chocolate sauce on the pan with metal spoons and the result was tremendous!

2. Anjali Diamond Aluminium Non-stick Uttapam Tawa

The best way to make fluffy pancakes for your entire family is by using a superlative pancake tawa. Pancake pans help us make several tasty pancakes in a jiffy, and the Anjali Diamond Aluminium Pancake Pan is one of the best in the market for that. It is made out of premium quality aluminium and is non-stick in nature, which helps you make and get the pancake out without much effort.

This product also comes with bakelite handles which makes it easier and safer to use while cooking. It is also easy to clean and maintain, which becomes an added benefit for this product. Our experts tested this product and found that the product dimensions be perfect for smearing the pancake batter and making the best pancakes. We also found that the product ensured uniform heat distribution which made cooking seamless.

3. HOMEST Classic Grill Mini Uttapam Tawa

You can make sweet pancakes without eggs and with coconut milk for your breakfast with the help of the HOMEST Mini Uttapam Tawa. It is made with high-quality aluminium with an anti-skid design that makes it one of the most durable pancake pans in the country. It also comes with an ergonomic handle with three rivets for additional strength.

You can also make crepes, as well as mini dosas and uttapam with the help of this pancake pan. This dosa tawa is also easy to clean and maintain, and can even be used for making great grilled cheese sandwiches effortlessly. We used cream cheese on this item model at medium heat and it created one of the tastiest base coatings for a dosa-like pancake! You can even try out your eggless pancake recipe on this particular pancake pan with ease.

4. Cello Non-Stick 4 -Cavity Aluminium Appam/Uttapam Maker with Spatter

This product is often recommended by our team of experts due to its durability and long-lasting nature. It is from one of the most reputed and trustworthy companies in the country when it comes to kitchen appliances. You can make a long list of tasty breakfast dishes including American and German pancakes every day with the help of this pancake maker.

As a popular product, the Cello non-stick aluminium appam maker comes with a golden spatter and can help you prepare 4 pancakes, crepes, or mini dosas at a time. It helps you save time, especially as it distributes the heat event while cooking, and even comes with a 1-year warranty. The hobby chefs in our team prepared English pancakes and American pancakes using this superlative pan and those are some of the tastiest dishes we have ever come across!

5. Tefal Hard Titanium with Non-Stick Pancake Pan

If you are planning to adopt a healthier lifestyle, you should start with the first meal of the day. The Tefal Hard Non-Stick Pancake Pan is an amazing pancake pan that can be used for making some healthy and delicious oat and wheat pancakes, and it even comes with many interesting features, like the patented Thermo-spot, which turns red to let you know when the pan is properly heated for cooking.

This pan also has an exclusive hard base made coating with Titanium particles and is long-lasting and durable. It is compatible with all sorts of heat sources, like induction cooktops, gas, electric, ceramic, and halogen. It even comes with a robust handle which makes it a safe product to use, especially when you are making a crispy pancake for yourself or your family. While testing this non-stick pancake griddle, we prepared pancake batter using one cup of milk and rice flour and used them to make some of the fluffiest pancakes!

6. Nirlon Non-Stick Aluminium Mini Pancake/Uttapam Tawa Pan

This product deserves a spot on our curated list as it is from one of the most reliable and reputed brands in the market, and as it can be used to cook many different types of dishes effortlessly. If you have kids at home, then this pancake pan can help you prepare delicious Swedish, crispy pancakes with chocolate chips that your kids will love every morning.

Our experts found that the Nirlon Tawa Pan is non-stick in nature, made with sturdy and durable aluminium, and is a 3-layered thickened pot that helps you cook without worrying about your food getting burned. It even comes with bakelite handles, that make it easy to hold while you are busy cooking. The stain-resistant nature is also an added advantage of having this amazing pancake pan in your home.

7. Panca Premium Grill Mini Pan

This product has been turning heads for quite a while, as the Panca Premium Grill Mini Pan is one of the most affordable yet durable pancake pans in the country. It is known for its superior quality and unique features, along with its comfortable bakelite handle that stays cool even while you’re busy cooking with it.

This product has a long life and comes with a matte black enamel interior and textured surface. It is made in India and is a stylish piece that can be a real asset to your kitchen.

8. DEZEEN Classic Grill Mini Uttapam/Tawa

This pancake pan has a stylish appearance, a long-lasting body, and easy bakelite handles for added safety. The Dezeen classic grill tawa distributes heat evenly and can be used for making multifarious dishes quickly and effortlessly. From savoury chillas and dosas to sweet pancakes, you can make everything pretty quickly with the help of this pan.

You can make 4 servings of pancakes, dosas, or chillas with the help of this pancake pan at once. You can even use it to make extremely delicious and healthy mini omelettes with loads of veggies to give your day a healthy start. It is also easy to clean and maintain and can be used on gas stoves.

9. Rock Tawa 4cv Mini Square Pancake Pan

If you want to buy a pancake pan that will be a value for your money, and also last a long time, then this is a product that you should consider. The Rock Tawa 4cv pancake pan is made out of cast iron and is a sturdy product to have in your home.

This pancake pan offers you maximum convenience while cooking, and can be a great addition to your cookware collection. This pancake maker in India can also be used to make 4 omelettes in one go, along with many other extremely delicious but healthy dishes.

10. Gnexin Non-Stick Ceramic Pancake Maker

This is a tried and tested product, loved by citizens all over the country. The Gnexin Ceramic Pancake Maker is made of carbon steel and has a non-stick surface, which can help you make several dishes easily.

This product is available in multiple colors and is a long-lasting product as well. It can help you cook several tasty, healthy and popular dishes easily, like pancakes, chillas, and dosas, and uses minimal oil for cooking as well. Instead of oil, we had used unsalted butter, chocolate syrup and created a popular Indian dish that was finger-licking delicious!

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The Intricacies of Our Research Methodologies and Testing Procedures

At Cookware Mart, we believe that an expert culinary artist is only as good as the cooking appliances and utensils they use. As a result, we always stay up-to-date with the latest product trends that will transform your kitchen into a wonderland! Our product recommendations are not just a fluke - we conduct thorough research to ensure that every product included in our list deserves its spot there. We also consider it our duty to be transparent and honest with our readers and share the necessary information regarding our research without hiding any facts or data. That is why, we have divided the following content into five, easy-to-understand sections that will help our readers identify key research parameters and testing methods seamlessly. These sections are -

Why You Should Trust Us

Trust is a big word, and it comes with a lot of inherent responsibilities. At Cookware Mart, we are all about gaining the trust of our readers and target audience with our authentic product recommendations and buying guides. We aim to solve the problems that our readers face while trying to shop online and identifying the right products that will serve their purpose in the kitchen. Our credibility lies in our brand name, and how we have been operating since our inception. So, entrusting your faith in our product recommendations could help you become a master chef in no time!

However, if you need a bit more convincing, let us present you with how these product assortments are created. Our cookware and kitchen appliances experts - Jagdish Thakur and Preetika Sharma conduct the first phase of the research. They have enormous expertise and years of experience in selecting the best cookware essentials from a flurry of products present online. In this case, they read every detail, review, customer feedback, testimonials, and everything that they could find online related to pancake pans in India. This led them to shortlist 75 pancake makers that they directly sent to our group of product testers. Our product testers ran multiple experiments on these pancake pans in a scientific setting and noted down their attributes.

At the same time, our marketing survey team ran online and offline polls and conducted focus group discussions with consumers from across India who have been using pancake pans for quite some time. The analyst team gathered data related to sales concerning our shortlisted products. Finally, all these three-pronged research data culminated in creating the finest assortment of the ten best pancake pans in India in 2022.

Who This Is For

This research and analysis have been conducted to help every Indian. However, if you want us to categorize and create target groups who can reap multiple benefits from this, it will be -

  • People who love to experiment with cooking.
  • Culinary experts and aficionados.
  • People in love with pancakes, dosas and crepes.
  • Health-conscious people.
  • People who prefer fast cooking.
  • Professional and hobby chefs.

How We Picked

We conducted several analytical and data-driven research to create our curated list. Every research was based on a foundation. However, presenting you with all that data is going to be a tough ask, considering the charts, the diagrams, and every other result they yielded. So we will focus on some of the most decisive parameters that will not only help you understand our research procedure but also empower you to make purchase decisions yourself.

  • Material: Our research and testing team focused on the material that should be lightweight yet sturdy. Being lightweight will enhance the usability of the pancake pan whereas a sturdy nature will make it highly durable and increase its lifespan.
  • Heat Distribution: Though this parameter is essentially a derivative of the material with which the pancake pan is manufactured, there are several products that don’t ensure proper heat distribution even when made with the same material. We emphasized uniform heat distribution and seamless heat conduction as it ensures a quick and effortless cooking.
  • Dimensions: We have included products with the ideal dimension to serve an average-sized Indian family as well as those that can serve a single person or a couple with ease. So it is important to make a choice after zeroing in on the number of people you want to serve.
  • Compatibility: Most products in our list are metal spoon-friendly. We have also tested and included non-stick pancake pans with high-quality coating. Compatibility with gas ovens and induction cooktops is also one of the prime criteria that we looked into.

Our Picks

The top pancake pans in India will ease your cooking struggles and help you whip up tasty breakfasts and meals quite easily. Check out the list below to make a purchase.

Sr. No.ProductBuy Now
1Prestige Omega Select Plus Set Dosa TawaCheck Price
2Anjali Diamond Aluminium Non-stick Uttapam TawaCheck Price
3HOMEST Classic Grill Mini Uttapam TawaCheck Price
4Cello Non-Stick 4 -Cavity Aluminium Appam/Uttapam Maker with SpatterCheck Price
5Tefal Hard Titanium with Non-Stick Pancake PanCheck Price
6Nirlon Non-Stick Aluminium Mini Pancake/Uttapam Tawa PanCheck Price
7Panca Premium Grill Mini PanCheck Price
8DEZEEN Classic Grill Mini Uttapam/TawaCheck Price
9Rock Tawa 4cv Mini Square Pancake PanCheck Price
10Gnexin Non-Stick Ceramic Pancake MakerCheck Price

The above list is curated with multiple user requirements in mind. Make well-informed purchase decisions.

Final Verdict

If you want a large pancake pan with overall superior qualities, you must check out our top pick - Prestige Omega Select Plus Set Dosa Tawa.

If you want a lightweight product without compromising on your safety in the kitchen, our runner-up - Anjali Diamond Aluminium Non-stick Uttapam Tawa might be worth your time and consideration.

Lastly, if you wish to have a seamless cooking experience without disrupting your budget, then the HOMEST Classic Grill Mini Uttapam Tawa might be the ideal choice for you.

However, we want to tell you that all these products are at the top of the league and have a standard of their own. You can be quite sure that all of them fare similarly when you want to cook some tasty, fluffy pancakes for yourself and your family!