Since as far as humans learned to cook on metal utensils - cast irons have been the chosen material for all their utensils. From kings to farmers- cast irons have supported the culinary world for more than a couple of generations. These are cost-effective, long-lasting, durable, versatile cookware that if properly taken care of, will last any family for generations. They are best known for their slow and even heat distribution and ability to retain heat once it’s hot which is great for any food because they are cooked well and they last long. From professional culinary chefs to ordinary homemakers around the world- they all choose to have at least one reliable cast iron cookware. Our team at Cookware Mart sifted through more than 100 of these cast iron pans in the market to bring you our favorite picks of the superior Cast Iron Pan In India. To know our number 1 pick, look no further because we’ll tell you right now- it’s the AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Pan.

Our Pick

AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Pan

Modern, Multipurpose, Cutting-Edge Cast Iron Pan

Our expert cookware team at Cookware Mart have ultimately decided upon this one to be anyone’s best pick of the lot. Not only did it survive our rigorous testing parameters but it also came out on top to beat all its other competitors.

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The Best Cast Iron Pan In India comes from the trusted AmazonBasics. It’s a pre-seasoned quality and affordable cast iron skillet pan that can serve all of your cooking needs.

This one comes pre-seasoned with oil and non-stick coating so you can get started on your culinary adventures right away after your purchase and delivery. With its sturdy heavy-duty cast iron construction- it allows for more retention of heat and evenly distributes heat so that your food doesn’t come out charred, overcooked, or undercooked in any way or form. The non-stick coating is certainly a modern addition to this classic cookware and no doubt it serves our customers well- allowing for low gas and oil consumption. Our team of experts went to town with it- from deep frying, sauteing, baking, and pan-frying, our team faced no challenges with this one and the food came out looking smooth and piping hot. We almost couldn’t resist digging in right away. The handle of this one is long and the enormous weight is comfortably balanced even in the hands of our most novice members. This pan can not only deliver superb results with your gas stove but can also be used with your portable Induction cooktops for all the modern, high-tech families out there.

As with all cast iron cookware, we don’t recommend frequent washing under soap and water. This pan only gets better with time as you cook more. The oils benefit this pan and not only help it keep clean but also on the ready for your next batch of meals around the corner. If it is really dirty, hand washing without soap and under hot water is always an option.


Lodge Manufacturing Non-Stick Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Fry Pan

A Cast Iron Fry Pan for Generations to Come

We at Cookware Mart determined this to be the next best option- not just in quality but also size. After a series of stringent tests and evaluations, this one performed exceptionally well compared to the others so you can trust our word on it.

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This one is a classic American brand and a popular one at that. We at Cookware Mart were initially concerned about its performance with Indian food and cooking techniques but this frying pan was up to all challenges and passed with flying colors.

This cast iron pan has good and even heat distribution allowing for your meals to cook evenly and remain hot long after cooking is complete. Our team of experts tested this with various types of Indian food and cooking styles and we have to say- it lived up to the mark of our expectations splendidly. With its 8 inches size, this is a rather portable one in comparison to the others. This is an especially good product to have if you’re willing to entertain a small party of guests outside of your house as this pan is barbecue safe. So take it out for that evening of bonfire and barbecue you’ve always wanted to go on! Be it with your office co-workers or family friends and relatives- this cast iron pan will serve you all efficiently.

For maintenance, we recommend that you do NOT use soap on this one. But if really needed to get the smells out after washing, make sure to coat it in a layer of vegetable oil for higher durability and longevity. Occasionally coating your pans with vegetable oil also ensures the preservation of the non-stick coating, the consistency of the cast iron and makes your pan ready to go for the next round of cooking.

Budget Pick

Vinod Legacy Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Frypan

Affordable and High Longevity Cast Iron Pan

Our team at Cookware Mart understands the need for budget options because cast iron cookware tends to come at high prices. This is our best budget pick of the lot. If you’re looking for something affordable and reliable- this is the one for you.

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Our cookware experts at Cookware Mart have noted the quality of this product against its cheap and affordable pricing and we have to say- we’re very impressed. Not only did it survive through our strict tests it also passed on all our parameters so we’re proud to recommend this to you.

This is a 22 cm frying pan which is a comfortable serving for four. If you’re a family of four and looking for a small, cheap, personal family option in cast iron pans- then this is for you guys. It comes with the latest non-stick coating and the pan is pre-seasoned for convenience too. Just whip it out and cook from scratch. Our team has determined this to be a durable and long-lasting product for its reliance on classic iron casting methods. It brings with it a sense of family and nostalgia so your food can taste even better. The heat distribution and retaining capacity are both impressive for this price range and our team at Cookware Mart highly recommend this one for all the budget-conscious out there.

Of course, cleaning and maintaining take the usual effort. We advise you to keep this one always well oiled in vegetable oils so that it doesn’t ever get the opportunity to slack off in your kitchen. We also recommend against using sharp metal objects too much as they might scratch the non-stick surface and allow foods to stick. Soft and easy under warm water is most effective in case cleaning is necessary.

Top 10 Best Cast Iron Pans In India

Our team here at Cookware Mart has dedicated days' worth of hours and sweat on the research and testing of these products. With cookware companies finally coming around to the benefits of the classic cast iron frying pans and cookware, all the newer brands are cashing in on this new and yet age-old business avenue. While bigger brands have been ahead of the game, it’s unwise to overlook any options if we’re aiming to give you the best. Therefore, we have made this comprehensive list of our ten favorite picks from the market as of early 2022 and we hope this can be of use to our customers who are planning to purchase one on the horizon.

  1. AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Pan
  2. Lodge Manufacturing Non Stick Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Fry Pan
  3. Vinod Legacy Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Fry pan
  4. Bhagya Cast Iron Cookware Cast Iron Frying Pan
  5. Healthy Choices Cast Iron Skillet Frying Pan 10.5 Inch, Black
  6. Healthy Choices Cast Iron Skillet Frying Pan 9 Inch, Black
  7. ROSTON Pre-Seasoned Induction Compatible Cast Iron Skillet Frying Pan
  8. KITCHEN Cast Iron Double Handle Skillet Pan for Cooking
  9. Prestige Cast Iron Fry Pan
  10. TRILONIUM Hulkette Triple Seasoned Cast Iron Deep Skillet

You can check out the following products in detail. We promise you that you will get the one that you are searching for.

1. AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Pan

One of the best-cast iron pans that we researched and intensively tested, this cast iron skillet can be a go-to choice for most Indian homemakers because of its sturdy build and multipurpose functions. Iron benefits us in several ways and this cast iron pan endows us with similar health benefits. These pans are well coated in oil as well, making them ideal for making your food.

We loved baking, sauteing, pan-frying, and doing a lot of other cooking with this cast iron pan. Our hobby chefs and professional chefs believe that this cast iron pan is a must-have in Indian kitchens.

2. Lodge Manufacturing Non Stick Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Fry Pan

Undoubtedly a contender for the top spots in the best-cast iron pans list, the Compa Logic non-stick skillet captures our attention because of its high-grade non-stick coating. The coating makes cooking effortless, while it reduces your struggles while cleaning the pan. Due to the pre-seasoned nature, the pan endows essential nutrients into your food.

With a good heat distribution quality, this cast iron pan increases the pace of cooking. We also loved it because its pre-seasoning helps the pan to improve with constant use.

3. Vinod Legacy Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Fry pan

This is one of the best-cast iron pans we came across while we were testing the products. With superior quality and the topmost standards, this pan is durable, sturdy and will last for generations if taken care of. The exceptional heat retention quality impressed us thoroughly.

Being quite pocket-friendly, this cast iron pan can be used by most Indians for their daily cooking requirements. Our testers would recommend you clean this pan with soft tissue after washing and applying a layer of oil afterward. This will increase its longevity

4. Bhagya Cast Iron Cookware Cast Iron Frying Pan

Bhagya produces practical products needed in our day-to-day cooking and is one of the best cookware brands. Their products are also manufactured with care for the product and the customers.

Bhagya Cast Iron Pan will also increase the Iron intake of the user and will take its user back to their roots of home cooking. We recommend these cast iron pans for pan-frying, baking, roasting, and the like. The pans are manufactured by Babu Engineering, a Cast Iron company with over thirty years of production experience.

5. Healthy Choices Cast Iron Skillet Frying Pan 10.5 Inch, Black

Healthy Choices without a doubt has the best-cast iron pan price in India. Their products are affordable and crafted to perfection. The Pans are heavy-bottomed and quite sturdy, making them perfect for traditional pan-cooked food.

Healthy choices try to make traditional cooking easier. Their Pans are made of good quality Iron and can be used daily. One of the best features about these pans is their compatibility with induction cooktops. The pre-seasoned pans are some of the best products that we tested and would recommend to any cooking enthusiast as they can be used for pan-frying, baking, sauteing, and cooking different dishes.

6. Healthy Choices Cast Iron Skillet Frying Pan 9 Inch, Black

Healthy Choices makes pans that are compatible with gas stoves, inductions, ovens, and even an open fire. While testing, we found these pans perfectly suited for making the deep dish pizza you had been craving for long or even the fancy mac and cheese you wanted to try.

The Pans are made from quality Iron and make an excellent Mother”s day gift. They are pre-seasoned and also perfect for making dosas and pancakes. These pans are ideal for cooking steak and so our testers feel that these could be a great gift to your friends and peers.

7. ROSTON Pre-Seasoned Induction Compatible Cast Iron Skillet Frying Pan

Roston is a brand trusted by all. The Pan is pre-seasoned with vegetables and is an excellent budget buy. It easily has the best-cast iron pan price in India. The skillet has a smooth finish enabling a smooth distribution of heat

The skillet makes versatile cooking effortless. It can be used for frying, baking, grilling, and even braising. Our product researchers and testers, however, recommend that you wash these pans using your hands only, to prevent them from spoiling and ensuring a long life. We would also suggest you coat these pans with oil after washing them.

8. KITCHEN Cast Iron Double Handle Skillet Pan for Cooking

Kitchen Cast Iron Cookwares are hand-seasoned with oil and skillfully crafted by artisans of Tamilnadu. The Pans stay warm for an incredibly long time and keep the food inside hot and bubbling.

The pan can be trusted and is the perfect cookware for making any sort of slow-cooked meat. The pan is pre-seasoned thrice and is multipurpose cookware without any degree of heavy chemical coating. We loved this pan because of its even cooking prowess.

9. Prestige Cast Iron Fry Pan

Prestige is a very well-known cookware brand that has produced good quality cookware for a very long time. It is currently one of the best brands that have been trusted by millions of Indians due to superlative products and constant innovation. The pans are heavy-duty and retain heat for a long time.

Prestige is also known for its pressure cookers and woks which too are of great quality and these cast iron pans boast of the same level of finesse and flair in their makes. These Pans are traditional and multi-purpose and are credible products for outdoor cooking. We can confirm that these pans last for generations.

10. TRILONIUM Hulkette Triple Seasoned Cast Iron Deep Skillet

Trilonium is the go-to brand for heavy and long-lasting cookware and pans. Their Pans are great for baking the giant cookie or for the fresh pan pizza. The pan is made from the finest alloy of Iron and triple-coated with natural cold-pressed oils to give you the healthiest life.

We liked this pan for a lot of reasons. The foremost being- this pan can be used on a campfire, ceramic, stove, induction, and outdoor gas burners.  It can also be used in a conventional oven for making pan-based dishes. If you are a cooking enthusiast, our product research team would wholeheartedly recommend you bring this pan home.

The Details of Our Product Research and Testing Methods

We at Cookware Mart prioritize efficient and hassle-free purchases and aim to deliver a smooth and easy shopping experience. We have looked at the markets and we’ve been bombarded with the million choices out there for any purchase we want to make. We want to streamline the buying process of our customers because time is money and we don’t want it wasted on all the poor or subpar products out there. We have therefore taken our picks and after hours of strenuous evaluations, we bring you our comprehensive lists of only the best products out there. To better elaborate on how we operate we have divided the following sections into different parts namely:

Why You Should Trust Us

At Cookware Mart, we aim for efficient expenditure practices from our customers. As such we make practical solutions and tips all tried and tested by our incredible teams. We are happy to be able to guide the culinary Indian market towards only the best in class cookwares so that we can all have a hearty and fulfilling meal.

We have a passionate and diversified team of cooking enthusiasts which include professional and hobby chefs and cookware experts in addition to our research teams for those numerical specifics. We work long hours to collect, screen, test and analyse the abundant amount of products in the market so you don’t have to waste your time sifting through them. We choose our products with extra care and caution- only thinking about how they will best serve our Indian demographic. We check for durability, longevity and versatility and weigh it against the available prices and price ranges to bring you only the most affordable and all-round products for the best results. Our strenuous screening and testing procedures help us weed out all the flawed products and only categorise the bests in the market. 

We have also asked our fellow hobby and professional chefs for their expert advice and preferred picks. Because actual experience in regular Indian households matter, we have also conducted widespread polls asking all our fellow Indian homemakers and veterans of the culinary world to give us their little bit of opinion and information. This way you don’t miss out on anything and get only curated products approved by culinary enthusiasts from all around the country.

Who This Is For

Our products are tested and curated by experienced enthusiasts and experts from all walks of the culinary world and we are certain they can satisfy and satiate just about anyone. But if we had to be a little more specific, our products are especially targeted towards:

  • Culinary adventurers
  • Barbecue and steak enthusiasts
  • Beginner to veteran homemakers
  • Foodies who love to cook
  • Home-cooked meal lovers
  • Professional to beginner chefs

We are certain however in assuring our customers that our products will serve anyone and everyone equally as long as they’ve read through the details we have provided and made their purchase of the ones that best suit their needs.

How we picked

While there are obviously the basic parameters like durability, longevity, compatibility, and affordability, we also check our products against some micro parameters. While we won’t go into the statistics and scientific ones, some of the more technical parameters, which you may have heard of are:

  • Material: The material used in cast iron cookware is usually high-gauge cast iron which is durable and also increases the longevity of the pan provided it’s properly maintained. It is either made by reducing iron ores in blast furnaces but today, with modern technology, cast iron cookware is made from melting iron and steel blocks in a factory.
  • Design and Aesthetics: We look for curved edges and a balanced ergonomic design for a proportionate weight distribution which helps in gripping and holding and prevents weight imbalance accidents. We also look for flaky ends and pan surfaces which are immediately a sign of poor builds and flawed products.
  • Handle: Keeping the versatility of cast iron pans in mind, the handles are usually also extensions of cast iron. It’s advised the user wear gloves while using it to prevent any accidental or unforeseen burns. The handle also determines the overall weight balance and ratio of the product. A large pan with a small handle is inherently flawed and a small pan with large handles is automatically ripping you off. There must be a proportionate balance.
  • Seasoning: The seasoning in a cast iron pan means the coating of oil that is necessary for it to be properly functional. While the best cast iron pans come pre-coated, some mediocre products don’t and have to be manually seasoned. Seasoning also allows for better and higher heat absorption and reduces the cost of oil used overall.
  • Heat Management and Distribution: Heat distribution and heat-retaining ability are two reasons cast iron cookwares are popular. They heat up slowly and gradually and their heat is evenly distributed throughout the pan. Once hot, it stays hot for a long time so you can keep your cooked food hot for a long time even if you keep it in the pan itself. This is one of the reasons recipes that require slow and gradual cooking benefit from cast iron cookware.

Even though we did not go into the tens and hundreds of other parameters, let us assure you we leave no stone unturned when we check the quality of our products.

Our Picks

Based on our above testing parameters, below we have listed our ten favorite products in order of their awesomeness.

Sr. No.ProductBuy Now
1AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet PanCheck Price
2Lodge Manufacturing Non Stick Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Fry PanCheck Price
3Vinod Legacy Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Fry PanCheck Price
4Bhagya Cast Iron Cookware Cast Iron Frying PanCheck Price
5Healthy Choices Cast Iron Skillet Frying Pan 10.5 Inch, BlackCheck Price
6Healthy Choices Cast Iron Skillet Frying Pan 9 Inch, BlackCheck Price
7ROSTON Pre-Seasoned Induction Compatible Cast Iron Skillet Frying PanCheck Price
8KITCHEN Cast Iron Double Handle Skillet Pan for CookingCheck Price
9Prestige Cast Iron Fry PanCheck Price
10TRILONIUM Hulkette Triple Seasoned Cast Iron Deep SkilletCheck Price

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a premium modern cutting-edge replacement for your old and tattered cast iron pan, and money is no issue for you- we urge you to go for our top pick AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Pan.

If you are instead looking for a cheaper option but providing the same quality and benefits, the Lodge Manufacturing Non-Stick Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Fry Pan may be the one for you.

If you are only looking for a best in budget replacement or a beginner cast iron pan, Vinod Legacy Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Fry pan, 22cm, Induction Friendly, Black, 1 Piece may be your go-to option.

Even apart from the top 3, let us assure you that all the products listed in our top 10 are worthy of your trust and purchase because they have all gone through the same screening processes and test procedures and all of them have passed by our nitpicky standards.