Copper is a popular metal ever since technology and machines became a thing. The industrial revolution would’ve been nothing without copper and that’s because copper is one of the best conductors of heat and electricity. It may not be the best in these segments individually but it is certainly the most affordable and efficient metal for technology and machines out there. So it’s no surprise they would be used in premium cookware for their fast heating and cooling properties. We at Cookware Mart understand that this might be a relatively new product for Indian households but we want more people to know about this. It may be an expensive metal for cookware but it certainly does its job. In fact, we assign copper cookware the title of “Instant Cooker” among cookware. If you’re curious and want to try one out for yourself- worry not! Because we have prepared you a list of our tried and tested best copper frying pan products in the Indian market. And the one that takes the throne is certainly the Metasmith Copper Frying Pan.

Our Pick

Metasmith Copper Frying Pan

Gorgeous Frying Pan With Exceptional Features

We, at Cookware Mart, were superbly awestruck by how aesthetically pleasing and premium this frying pan looked in addition to its superior qualities so we couldn’t resist the urge to rank it as our top pick.

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We at Cookware Mart have deemed this the best copper frying pan in the entire country according to all of our strenuous testing and analysis.

It’s made of pure food-grade copper and it takes stylish and aesthetic to a whole new level. It has a capacity of 1.5 litres so it should serve you and your family optimally. We conducted stringent heat tests and the product surpassed our expected margins by all standards. It’s also very durable and easy to maintain. Because it provides almost instant heating, cooking is fast and more efficient than most other cookware in the market.

We highly recommend it for not only its efficiency but also its aesthetic appeal and the additional sheen it’ll provide for your kitchen’s interior design. It’s our best in the slot, most stylish and sharp copper frying pan choice. And considering the copper frying pan price in India, we’d say this one is more than affordable and worth every penny of your pockets. On the flip side, it is not dishwasher friendly or oven friendly. If you want a more trusted product, you can head to the runner-up in this segment- the RAM Export Copper Frying Pan.

Runner Up

RAM Export Copper Frying Pan

Handy and Portable, Instant Cooking Utensil

Our team at Cookware Mart was impressed by this handy cookware which is rather small and sweet and we just love it. It can also double up as an inexpensive gift item for various festivals.

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We bring to you this small and light but fierce product that gives excellent performance and results on our scoreboards. Our team at Cookware Mart was surprised by how powerful this mighty but relatively small frying pan is.

Be it two-minute fries or nuggets for your unannounced guests - this little frying pan can handle it all. With its long detachable wooden handle, you can perform with your cookware as you’ve seen online on viral food posts. A little flashy fire and oil never hurt a veteran cooking connoisseur. Our team has repeatedly tested this particular product under various conditions to check for durability, distribution, and speed of heating, and so on and we must say we’re appalled at how well it performed. We urge you to give this one a go for some quick and emergency snacks for your hungry family.

Because of its small size, this product also reliably doubles up as a Diwali or Dhanteras present so you can just wrap it up in gold and give a beautiful gift to your loved ones. The detachable wooden handle of this copper frying pan also makes the unit really portable so you can carry it on your vacations without taking up an odd amount of space.

Budget Pick

Rudra Exports Steel Copper Fry Pan

Budget-Friendly, Superior Copper Frying Pan

This product offers really good specifications and qualities at a relatively low price and we at Cookware Mart think this is our best budget-friendly pick.

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If you’re in the market for a first-time purchase of a copper frying pan and just want to try it out for the first time and live the experience, we highly recommend this one.

Our team of experts at Cookware Mart was pleasantly surprised by how such a superior product came at budget-friendly pricing. Compared to the average copper frying pan price in India this one’s not only lower but also offers better qualities than some of its higher-priced counterparts. This product constitutes a steel and copper body with a sturdy brass handle for maximum durability. The exterior is made entirely out of copper so you can expect the same fast heating as our previous products. The interior is a steel body thus allowing basic use of metal spoons and spatulas which ultimately also earn it durability brownie points. The brass handle is curved upwards for maximum convenience and manoeuvrability. We tested this product’s durability and heating abilities for strenuous hours to ensure that you aren’t getting a weak product. So that you don’t sacrifice quality for affordability.

This product is highly recommended for copper cookware beginners or just culinary beginners who don’t have the time or patience for cooking hard and complex meals. So take this one home and inaugurate it with a hot bowl of pan-fried tadka and Omelettes.

5 Best Copper Frying Pans in India

Our cookware and culinary experts at Cookware Mart have invested over 100 hours of their time to bring you this well-curated list of our top 5 best copper frying pans in the Indian market. We hope you go through this detailed list and pick your favourite copper frying pan to purchase for your home. We assure you our products won’t disappoint- especially after how massively they have impressed us!

  1. Metasmith Copper Frying Pan
  2. RAM Export Copper Frying Pan
  3. Rudra Exports Steel Copper Fry Pan
  4. Nidhan Copper Nonstick Fry Pan
  5. Online Global Stores Copper Frying Pan

These products have undergone grueling tests and displayed incredible results. Find out more about them below.

1. Metasmith Copper Frying Pan

Our stringent quality tests and research made us acquainted with several products and brands. However, the one that we can truly consider the most superior copper frying pan in India is the metasmith copper frying pan. We have been literally amazed by this tremendous product, and the awesome looks and finish. Although a frying pan serves your culinary requirements, we feel that the design and aesthetics are equally important as they amplify your kitchen interiors.

Our experts believe that this copper frying pan is hand-crafted out of safe and hygienic copper, suitable for cooking so that it does not react with the food being cooked in it. This is a perfect gift on any occasion, especially for an elderly person in your family since it carries a nostalgic note for them. With a thick base and a uniform heat distribution, this copper frying pan helps you cook faster than any iron or stainless steel utensil. On the flip side, this frying pan is just compatible with induction cooktops and is not oven-safe. You should also refrain from using dishwashers on this one.

2. RAM Export Copper Frying Pan

Our detailed search and analysis evoked a promising result when we came across this awesome cooking utensil that can be ideally used for making tadka and other heavy-duty oriental dishes. This superb copper frying pan scores high on both looks and features, and that is why our product research and the testing team have found it worthy of your time and attention. The wooden handle keeps your hands safe when the entire pan gets highly heated. Thus, the brand has our attention due to its concern for customer safety.

Copper is a metal that consumes far less energy than any other material. It retains the original flavor and texture of the food. Thus, we recommend this copper frying pan as it is an efficient way to express cooking. This copper frying pan price in India is also very nominal, so you can easily get your way to culinary happiness. It is one of the classiest gift items for someone who loves cooking.

3. Rudra Exports Steel Copper Fry Pan

We love the touch of tradition and ethnicity that a copper frying pan brings to your Indian kitchen. The Rudra Exports copper frying pan carries the hallmark of Indian tradition and ethnicity that adds an extra flavor to your cooking. Our experts and product researchers were quite amazed at this product which bears the combination of design, innovation, and oriental civilization. This is relatively compact with a capacity of 600 ml, perfect for preparing some evening snacks in style.

We loved how the brand has crafted one of the best frying pans in India at such an affordable range. It has one of the most reasonable copper frying pan prices in India and the range of features and exquisite design at this price is simply incredible. Copper is a good conductor of heat, so it helps in the uniform distribution of heat quickly. This helps your food get cooked more quickly and more uniformly than in utensils made from iron and stainless steel. So we would wholeheartedly recommend this copper frying pan if you want to cook amazing dishes effortlessly.

4. Nidhan Copper Nonstick Fry Pan

Looking for the best copper frying pan in India? We found the ideal one for you while browsing through and testing the best copper pans available in various online marketplaces and e-retail stores. The Nidhan Copper Nonstick Fry Pan has a sleek square shape with a diameter of 9.5 inches. This durable pan can be used to stir fry, saute, make sauces, and bake. Its unique design gives you ample space to cook in. Made with copper and nonstick ceramic, this frying pan is easy to clean up with a sponge and warm water. It is also 100% dishwasher safe. And what's more, this nonstick cookware is compatible with induction, gas, ceramic, and electric stovetops!

Nidhan Copper Nonstick Fry Pan has an inbuilt stainless steel induction base that helps in the even distribution of heat. The bottom of this frying pan is coated with a nonstick layer that does not get oxidized or damaged easily. It takes less butter or oil to cook food in this utensil. On top of that, the Nidhan fry pan can resist heat up to 850°F and comes with a glass lid!

5. Online Global Stores Copper Frying Pan

When our product researchers and testers were selecting the best copper pans, they came across this amazing product! We feel that you can gift your family and friends the ideal stylish yet ethnic cookware with Online Global Store copper frying pan this festive season. The safe, high-grade copper material especially fits right into your kitchen aesthetics with its hand-hammered design. It has the capacity of cooking 1150 ml of food at once, an adequate quantity for you and your family. Paired with the good conductivity of copper this makes cooking a faster process.

The frying pan comes with a matching copper lid so that you can easily prepare bigger meals and let them simmer in the pan while covering it up with the lid. It has a wooden handle that is 8.5 inches in length, screwed tightly to the copper pot. With a diameter of 6.5 inches, it offers you enough space to stir the food. It adds a traditional touch to your kitchen. Weighing around 675 g, the copper frying pan from Online Global Store is a sturdy utensil perfect for personal use and gifting purposes!

The Nitty-Gritties of Our Product Testing and Research Methodology

Ours is a globalised world and we at Cookware Mart aim to keep up with the changing times. Copper is a relatively new and expensive cookware option only recently coming into prominence. Most of the world’s prominent and high-end restaurants and households use copper cookwares extensively already. However copper has always been an option for cookware- albeit not a popular one because back in the old day's people did not have the proper technology to tame its brilliance. With the latest boom in electric and induction cooktops copper has been rising the charts as the favored cookware option, oftentimes even beating out the classics like cast iron or stainless steel. We at Cookware Mart decided to familiarise India with this new style of cookware which is not only fast but also reliable and efficient. To further elaborate on our research techniques and testing procedures we have divided up the following section into smaller sections for your reading convenience. They are as follows:

Why You Should Trust Us

At Cookware Mart, we want our customers to choose premium goods with the best quality assurance. With the booming markets, it only gets more and more difficult every passing day to make the best choice out of a range of brands in the market. Many end up buying substandard and excruciatingly pricey products. We put the highest value on customer satisfaction. We want our customers to be happy with their products and we prioritise their comfort. We aim to help guide them through this cesspool and make them choose the best products for their kitchen needs.

Our qualified team of cooking experts, culinary enthusiasts, and kitchen makers are more than happy to dedicate hours of their time to sift through hundreds of products to bring you only the cream of the crop quality goods. Investing in cookware is a lifelong risk. And this kind of investment requires a certain level of trust in the product and the brand. If properly taken care of, cookware can last for decades. If chosen wrongly, it can wear out easily and cause monetary losses and even safety hazards in the kitchen. We at Cookware Mart ensure, through a host of industry-standard and rigorous testing and screening methods, to weed out all the flawed or mid-tier products. We choose only the best ones and through further tests and research, give our customers top-notch products.

We’ve also gone around and asked our fellow experienced chefs working in high-end kitchens what their thoughts are on the matter and what products they’d recommend for home use. We’ve also conducted widespread social media polls to ask our fellow homemakers and chefs around the country what their favourite options and brands are. As such we bring you curated products approved by Indians from all over the country, involved and experienced in a plethora of culinary activities. Choose from our assured range of services and delve right into the delicacies of your choice!

Who This Is For

This product is for the new generation who want a fast life. It’s for the part of the old generation that wants to grow up and adapt to the changing tides of culinary customs. Our list of curated products will serve more than satisfactorily anyone who chooses to purchase them. Ranging from professional chefs to veteran homemakers- we have satisfied and happy customers from all walks of this shared culinary passion. But if we had to pinpoint some of our target customers for the copper frying pan products we’d have to say:

  • On-the-go travellers
  • Explorers and campers in pursuit of culinary experiences
  • Generation Z cooking enthusiasts
  • Veteran homemakers
  • Beginner chefs and chef aspirants
  • Cooking connoisseurs

But we assure you our products will satisfy anyone who’s into cooking because we’ve hand-picked our list of products to serve everyone favourably and in the most efficient ways possible.

How We Picked

Our selected products go through a stringent series of tests and evaluations and only the best of the best make it out to the top and into our curated and comprehensive lists. We invest days worth of our time and our products go through rigorous hours of strenuous evaluations under harsh and unforgiving conditions. Our experts have a critical eye for detail and we pick all the details apart so that you don’t have to. Our primary parameters obviously cover all the basics like durability, longevity, efficiency, quality, and affordability for cookware products. But for all our loving customers out there, we go the extra steps to check for some specific technical parameters:

  • Material of the pan: Copper frying pans come with a plethora of combinations. They range from stainless steel and copper, aluminum and copper and pure copper. Pure copper cookware is definitely the best but is also the costliest.
  • Heating and Cooling rates: Depending upon the quality and amount of copper used in the cookware, its heating and cooling rates may vary. While copper frying pans will surely have better cooling rates than non-copper frying pans, even within its copper competitors it faces hard competition to stand out and be the best. The faster the heating and cooling rates the better. A copper pan with a lid will also drastically increase its heating rate as it helps trap the heat inside and cooks the food more evenly.
  • Handle: Handles in copper cookware must be especially sturdy and able to withstand quick rates of heating and cooling over an extended period of time. They must also be well distanced from the hot pan to prevent any accidental burns or spills.
  • Design and aesthetics: Copper frying pans naturally look especially alluring due to their gold or copper colouring. It renders a regal touch to your kitchen aesthetics and makes you feel like royalty. Copper frying pans also come with incredibly ergonomic designs because they are made to please and feel premium when held in the hand.
  • Safety: We take extra care for safety in case of copper frying pans because they get incredibly hot incredibly fast and so it’s safe to say most people who aren’t veterans or experts aren’t used to this. They may accidentally touch the pan and burn themselves which is why we only choose pans with long and sturdy handles so that you may keep your distance.

We’re leaving out the gruelling numbers for the sake of your convenience but know that all of our recommended products go through the same copious amounts of testing and we bring to you only the latest, updated, and research-driven items that we think you deserve.

Our Picks

We are certain about the quality of all our recommended products- given all our hours of hard work and industrial-grade research. Read on below and check each of the product details to find one that is made only for you- and we are certain you’ll find one if not more suited to your specific needs.

Sr. No.ProductBuy Now
1Metasmith Copper Frying PanCheck Price
2RAM Export Copper Frying PanCheck Price
3Rudra Exports Steel Copper Fry PanCheck Price
4Nidhan Copper Nonstick Fry PanCheck Price
5Online Global Stores Copper Frying PanCheck Price

Final Verdict

If you are a professional and looking for a quality copper frying pan that is also aesthetically pleasing and superior to the rest, then we suggest our topmost favourite pick Metasmith Copper Frying Pan.

If small, mighty, and portable is more to your taste, we recommend the RAM Export Copper Frying Pan.

If you're a beginner and more in the market for cheaper but quality options then your best pick would be the Rudra Exports Steel Copper Fry Pan.

Our company Cookware Mart, however, would like to assure you that all of our listed products are of superior quality and best in the segment for the current market. So no matter your choice, we assure you of a quality cooking and culinary experience.