Sauteing is an art in itself. Some of the most intensive cooking procedures have sauteing as an essential component. If you are not sauteing the veggies right, the flavor of the soup might be lost. If you are not sauteing the meat correctly, the curry might never turn up to be as delicious. Hence, you need the correct products to saute each component of the food to the right proportions. Getting a saute pan for your culinary experiments will be the best bet, however, we believe that the process could be quite tedious. Making regular online forays into the e-retail stores and virtual marketplaces could drain you. Add it to the flurry of products available online that confuse you greatly. Thus, we and our experienced product research team stepped up to the occasion to help you and we thoroughly recommend the Hawkins Futura Nonstick Curry Pan Saute Pan as a product worthy of your purchase.

Our Pick

Hawkins Futura Nonstick Curry Pan Saute Pan

Best Saute Pan in India

This non-stick saute pan is a super-cool product that performs exceptionally well considering all our research parameters. We loved every bit of it and would want you to explore it in detail through our review.

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The Hawkins Futura Nonstick Curry Pan Saute Pan is an exceptional product that wowed our team of product researchers and testers when they subjected it to hours of grueling and intensive testing. We found remarkable results with this saute pan and therefore consider it one of the best in this segment.

Hawkins has long been one of the go-to brands for a large section of Indian consumers when it comes to cookware and kitchen appliances. The Hawkins Futura Nonstick Curry Pan Saute Pan is another step in that direction of constant glory. The patented product sits well with most customers including our research and testing team. The non-stick coating is of premium quality. We found out that it is German innovation, and therefore there are no questions about its durability and longevity. Still, we did sufficient research and found out that the claims of this non-stick coating lasting longer than others are totally authentic. It is actually locked into the hard anodized surface underneath.

The volume of this product is 2 litres, which will help you in making curries and sauteing your food with ease. The flexibility to saute, stir-fry, and other kinds of cooking is something that makes this product unique. We are totally moved by its heat-conducting efficiency that enables fast and seamless cooking. However, on the flip side, this saute pan is not oven-safe. If you want a more compatible product, you can check out our runner up - the Amazon Brand - Solimo Tri-ply Stainless Steel Induction Base Saute Pan.


Amazon Brand - Solimo Tri-ply Stainless Steel Induction Base Saute Pan

The Saute Pan That Converts Cooking Into Happiness

With this saute pan that has been extensively tested for quality control, you can immediately transform your world into one filled with delicious cuisines. This product is worth every penny.

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One of the best sautes pan in India, this one by Amazon brand Solimo hits different! The Amazon Brand - Solimo Tri-ply Stainless Steel Induction Base Saute Pan is a product that scores equally good in terms of looks and features and bore outstanding results when we subjected it to meticulous tests.

The Amazon Brand - Solimo Tri-ply Stainless Steel Induction Base Saute Pan created a solid first impression on our research and testing team with its beautiful design. After doing an in-depth analysis of its features, we infer that this product is ideal for a professional chef as well as a home cook. The versatile nature of the product springs from its tri-ply build. The aluminum core with 2 layers of food-grade stainless steel creates an awesome impact. While our team probed deep into the inner surface, we found that the material ensures cooking with the least oil.

Again, our team had an exciting discovery about the exterior surface which not only ensures uniform heat distribution but also great heat retention.

According to our research and testing team, the Amazon brand Solimo has landed a kitchen staple with a wholesome range of features, outstanding quality, and stunning looks. However, if you want to create your stir-fries and sautes within an affordable range, you can check out our budget pick - the Prestige Hard Anodised Cookware Saute Pan.

Budget Pick

Prestige Hard Anodised Cookware Saute Pan

Innovation Handed in a Saute Pan

One of the best products from the house of Prestige, this saute pan creates a lasting impact with its superlative features within an affordable budget. It also performs well by our testing standards.

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Prestige has been the eternal favorite amongst a huge fraction of Indians because of its amazing cookware and culinary appliances. With the latest Prestige Hard Anodised Cookware Saute Pan, the brand has again won the hearts of its loyal following. It also created a tremendous impact on our product research and testing team by displaying extraordinary results.

We subjected this saute pan to more than 100 hours of grueling tests. And it emerged victorious in almost every test category. The hard anodized body scores are high on parameters of durability and longevity. We probed deep into the material and found that the aluminum body has a base thickness of 3.25 mm, ensuring flawless heat distribution for efficient cooking. The non-toxic surface is metal spoon friendly, and the outermost surface/base is compatible with both gas and induction cooktops. Apart from these extensive features, the product flaunts a very affordable price tag. This makes the Prestige saute pan a winner in almost every segment, including that of affordability.

The Prestige Hard Anodised Cookware Saute Pan also sports a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer which makes it one of the best choices for Indian households. We found nothing questionable in this product and believe that it is an amazing choice for culinary enthusiasts and experimentalists.

8 Best Saute Pans in India 2022

Our experts and research team combined to single out 65 saute pan variants that felt worthy of being reviewed. After the initial round, we started screening the products based on the various research parameters that our team set. Finally, we got 8 products that are worthy of mentioning in our review article.

  1. Hawkins Futura Nonstick Curry Pan Saute Pan
  2. Amazon Brand - Solimo Tri-ply Stainless Steel Induction Base Saute Pan
  3. Prestige Hard Anodised Cookware Saute Pan
  4. Prestige Hard Anodised Cookware Saute Pan Black Colour
  5. Ethical Harmony Aluminium Hard Anodised Saute Pan
  6. Maxima Tri-ply Stainless Steel Saute Pan
  7. Alda Vitale Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Saute Pan
  8. Zyliss Non-Stick Saute Pan with Glass Lid

All these listed products have emerged after careful analysis and in-depth research and observation. Explore them in detail and make an informed purchase.

1. Hawkins Futura Nonstick Curry Pan Saute Pan

Hawkins has truly lived up to the hype and expectation while pulling off this amazing saute pan. Our product research team considers it the best saute pan with a lid. With a voluminous shape, this saute pan combines the power of research and innovation and that is why it impressed us totally. The high-quality non-stick coating is a hallmark of quality and it has its roots in Germany. It is a large saute pan with a lid that will truly impress the culinary enthusiast in you.

The product is also a patented one and hence it earns the trust and credibility of our experts as well as thousands of Indian consumers. Its awesome longevity also proves us correct as we put this product in the numero uno position.

2. Amazon Brand - Solimo Tri-ply Stainless Steel Induction Base Saute Pan

The Amazon brand has carved its niche in the Indian consumer segments with its range of superior products at attractive prices. This incredible saute pan is compatible with induction cooktops and therefore fits perfectly in every Indian kitchen with modern amenities owing to minimize fuel consumption. The tri-ply stainless steel is a signature statement of this product and shows us its true value. We heartily recommend this product to any cooking enthusiast.

This stainless steel saucepan with a lid is perfectly safe for your food and can cook food fast. This is an ideal product for the modern Indian kitchen as it ensures even heat distribution and is easy to clean and maintain. Our product research team also loved the fact that this saucepan makes use of the minimum amount of cooking oil.

3. Prestige Hard Anodised Cookware Saute Pan

Another top-class product from a leading cookware brand in India- this is indeed the best saute pan with lid available across online marketplaces. Prestige has belted out a product that is high on features and crafted to perfection. The compatibility with both gas and induction cooktops makes it an attractive choice for most homeowners. We loved the classic black color as well; it blends right into your plush kitchen interiors. However, the features don’t amplify the price, and the affordable price tag is one point where the Prestige saute pan scores higher than the rest.

The hard anodised aluminum is one of the best materials that can help you to cook faster with uniform heat distribution. It also increases the longevity of the product. However, we found the saute pan highly lightweight, which enhances its handling. The 2-year warranty on the product makes it a credible choice for most buyers.

4. Prestige Hard Anodised Cookware Saute Pan Black Colour

This small saute pan is made with hard anodised aluminum and has a beautiful black color. It is suited for both induction cooktops as well as gas stoves. It is resistant to high flames and is non-staining as well. It is a product from Prestige- one of the most reliable and popular companies in India.

This saute pan comes with a wide base that covers the maximum surface area and makes sure that the heat is distributed evenly while cooking. It also has a stainless steel lid, which allows users to store and serve food in it. There are also perma cool handles, which make gripping while cooking a lot easier. We just loved this saute pan and would highly recommend it to any buyer.

5. Ethical Harmony Aluminium Hard Anodised Saute Pan

This product is made out of high-quality aluminum and can be given as a wonderful gift to friends and relatives. It has a professional design which makes this stylish kitchen equipment to have in your home. It comes with a comfortable grip with the help of its stay-cool handle, making it an extremely safe product to use while cooking.

This product has a soft touch handle that is multi-layered and heat resistant and it scores high on our parameter of kitchen safety, making this product a tremendously liked one amongst our team. It is also easy to clean and maintain. You also get a premium hole for hanging this product on your kitchen rack, along with a 2-year warranty.

6. Maxima Tri-ply Stainless Steel Saute Pan

This multi-layered saute pan comes with a stainless steel body which helps you to cook with a lot less oil. This product is non-rustic in nature and has an aluminum sheet for even heat distribution and therefore it wowed our product research and testing team. It helps to cook 3 times faster and has durable cast handles that stay cool.

This product also comes with flared rims which reduces dripping while pouring the contents out of the pan. It is another feature that makes this saute pan a highly viable option for purchase. It is easy to clean and store, making it an extremely convenient product to have in your kitchen. It has a sleek and stylish design and comes in silver color.

7. Alda Vitale Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Saute Pan

This stainless-steel product has a conventional design and a beautiful silver color. The inner surface is made of Food Grade ss 304 and the outer surface is made of induction-friendly ss 430. This product is dishwasher safe which makes it easy to clean and maintain.

This product has straight sides and is ideal for frying or sauteing food items. You can also make gravy and sauces in this pan, and the see-through lid also allows users to cook rice in it. We loved the amount of attention and innovation that went into this product. It is both induction cooktop and gas stove friendly and also comes with a 5-year warranty.

8. Zyliss Non-Stick Saute Pan with Glass Lid

This aluminum saute pan is known for its high edges and stylish appearance. It is black in color and comes with a 3-layer coating, which activates microbeads and prevents food from sticking to the pan. We couldn’t believe the level of innovation that the brand has applied into this saute pan before we researched it personally. It also comes with a glass lid with a small hole that allows food to steam easily, without any hassles.

This saute pan is ideal for several cooking techniques like simmering, warming, making sauces, or even plain cooking. This is the sole reason that we have recommended several of our readers to own this exciting saute pan. It also has a thermal and ergonomic handle for a better grip. It has a durable and strong aluminum base and is suitable for both induction cooktops and gas stoves.

Every Detail About Our Product Testing and Research Methodology

At Cookware Mart, we are motivated to bring you the most amazing and authentic review articles about every cookware and culinary appliance that enrich your lives and your cooking experience. We conduct deep research that enables us to source only practical information and offer actionable advice. However, we want our readers to be intimate with our product research and testing procedures so that they can entrust us with their faith and make an informed purchase decision after reading our articles.

However, we understand that there could be doubts about our research methods. That is why we have crafted this section for our readers as we feel it is our responsibility to make them intimate with our methods and ensure maximum transparency. This section contains the following:

Why should you trust us

At Cookware Mart, we believe in offering the best actionable advice over cookware and utensils that will transform our readers’ lives and cooking journeys. Therefore, we craft the best review articles after a lot of in-depth research and testing to help our customers have a solid direction in their buying journeys. The online marketplaces are full of brands and products and many of them are junks. We want to help you to avoid this cesspool and buy the best products for your home and kitchen. Therefore, Googling for the best reviews will land you on our pages as our credible information and solid research techniques flatter the search engines as well.

Our research and testing team consists of a host of individuals from highly diverse sectors. Starting from cooking experts, food bloggers, hobby chefs, culinary enthusiasts to kitchen makers- these are a diverse lot. They dedicated hours to finding every online resource related to the best saute pans. Whether it be testimonials, reviews, product descriptions, listings, they went through them all and curated an initial batch of 65 saute pans for our testers.

Our testers then started the meticulous testing procedures that rely on various macro and micro parameters designated by the research team. Simultaneously, a team of surveyors conducted online polls across social media and offline interviews of various Indian consumers about their favorite saute pans. We collected real data based on user experience. We also urged these consumers to test several products on our checklist and recorded their findings. Finally, we tallied every result and came up with the 8 best products that can hold the epithet of the best saute pans in India.

Who This Is For

Every saute pan in this list is unique, although catering to the one true purpose of helping you create the perfect sautes and curries. We believe that our list serves satisfactorily for every consumer. However, if we need to pinpoint our target consumer segments, they will be:

  • Culinary enthusiasts
  • Amateur and professional chefs
  • Hobby chefs
  • People who love sauteing and slow cooking
  • Homemakers
  • People who love utensils and their design
  • People who prioritize kitchen safety

We believe every segment of our target consumers will find their unique requirements catered to once they read through our list of the best saute pans.

How We Picked

We conducted thorough research based on the macro parameters of safety, durability, longevity, and designs to pinpoint some of the best saute pan brands. However, we also had to keep a tab on several micro parameters so that our research and testing yielded impeccable results. Some of them are described below.

  • Non-stick coating: It is something that we carefully monitored for all the cookware in our list. The non-stick coating is directly related to food safety, longevity of the product as well as consumption of oil. We also took special care in this because the ease of cleaning and maintenance is directly proportional to the quality of the non-stick coating.
  • Material of the saute pan: The saute pans are made up of a few combinations- pure stainless steel, pure aluminum, tri-ply stainless steel that contain an inner aluminum core with 2 layers of stainless steel for high-end cooking experience. The third variant has been definitely prioritized in our list.
  • Lid: A saute pan with lid will help you in different cooking techniques like simmering, stir-frying, etc. You can also cook rice after covering the saute pan with a lid. When the saute pan contains a transparent lid, it is particularly beneficial as it helps you to monitor the progress of your cuisine. We have prioritized those saute pans that come with transparent lids.
  • Handle: Since these cookware will be prone to fast heating, having a non-conducting handle made up of bakelite or wood will help in handling and maneuverability. We gave special attention to these handles.

Apart from these, there were hundreds of other intricate details that we carefully considered before creating this list.

Our Picks

The following saute pans are our best picks. We believe all of them cater to significant cooking processes, and you will find the ideal product for purchase once you carefully go through our list.

Sr. No.ProductBuy Now
1Hawkins Futura Nonstick Curry Pan Saute PanCheck Price
2Amazon Brand - Solimo Tri-ply Stainless Steel Induction Base Saute PanCheck Price
3Prestige Hard Anodised Cookware Saute PanCheck Price
4Prestige Hard Anodised Cookware Saute Pan Black ColourCheck Price
5Ethical Harmony Aluminium Hard Anodised Saute PanCheck Price
6Maxima Tri-ply Stainless Steel Saute PanCheck Price
7Alda Vitale Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Saute PanCheck Price
8Zyliss Non-Stick Saute Pan with Glass LidCheck Price

Final Verdict

The Hawkins Futura Nonstick Curry Pan Saute Pan is our pick amongst the list of the best saute pans because of its foolproof attention to detail and wholesome quality standards.

The runner-up in this segment is the Amazon Brand - Solimo Tri-ply Stainless Steel Induction Base Saute Pan which scores high on both looks and performance.

Our budget pick is the Prestige Hard Anodised Cookware Saute Pan that scores high with its outstanding features while sporting an affordable price tag.

However, all these products are quite similar in terms of quality, standards, and performance and you will find the ideal one that suits your unique requirements once you go through our list once more.