Cooking is one of the most ancient arts known to humans. To create the most artistically splendid food products that score high on taste and aesthetics, we all require the best artisans. These artisans, aka, culinary experts are those who will create the most delectable food preparations that appease your taste buds and make you a fan of their creations. But all these culinary maestros require special tools and equipment to turn their art legendary. One of those essential tools of the trade is a jam pan. It is a highly essential cookware that enables you to make the most delicious and lip-smacking tasty jams, sauces, and fruit juices. To help the best of these culinary artists among our reader community, we, at Cookware Mart, took it upon ourselves to perform stringent research and present to you the best jam pans in India at this moment. According to our research, the best jam pan in India is The Indus Valley Natural Iron Kadai.

Our Pick

The Indus Valley Natural Iron Kadai

Superlative Product for Making Fruit Jams at Home

Our research showed us that The Indus Valley Natural Iron Kadai is the best in its product segment. We loved the overall features and felt that it deserves the number one position in our list.

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The Indus Valley Natural Iron Kadai is one of the most robust and durable cookware that we have ever tested. Its make is solid and impressed our researchers highly.

When our product testers used this cookware, it displayed terrific results. For starters, our team of hobby chefs found out that you can cook the most authentic Indian cuisines in it without using much oil. Thus, you can have a healthy lifestyle if you use this product. Our research revealed that the smooth cast iron body ensures superb conduction, retention, and distribution of heat. Thus, we could easily cook several heavy-duty Indian recipes quite effortlessly using this product.

When it comes to making fruit jams and sauces, the efficacy of this product is undeniable. We loved the process in which you can make large quantities of pickles, jams, sauces, etc. without compromising on the natural flavor. Another big reason why we consider this as our number one product is the absence of any harmful or toxic substances that are present in non-stick coatings in other pans. However, you should also check out our runner-up product for more exciting features!


Yadav Kraft Brass Kadhai

Multifunctional Brass Cookware Offering Maximum Convenience

Our experts found out that the Yadav Kraft Brass Kadhai excels in its design and functionality. That is why it deserves the second position in our curated list.

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We loved this product because of its spacious design which allows you to make massive quantities of food at a time. Our experts feel that this is a must-have if you are frequently hosting your friends and relatives at your place.

A fantastic upside that thrilled our product testers and researchers alike was the presence of traditional metals that has gone into manufacturing this product. The presence of copper and zinc indeed endows your food cooked in this pan with necessary metal ions which act as micronutrients and improve our physiological mechanisms. We loved this product because it has high heat induction and distribution capabilities. As a result, every cuisine is cooked without spending much fuel or effort. In this manner, this product is quite eco-friendly.

Another superb upside that we noticed in this particular jam pan was its compatibility with both wet and dry ingredients. As a result, not only fruit jams or juices can be used to make stews and soups with equal fluency and ease. But we understand that you must be looking for a more affordable alternative that has all the above qualities too. In that case, you must check out our budget pick below.

Budget Pick

Kitchen King Brass Platter

Unique and Traditional Design with Maximum Utility

Our experts were enthralled by the affordable price tag on this product in spite of the awesome manufacturing and design. It is highly deserving of this position within the top three products on our list.

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One of the best products in its segment, this large utensil has earned multiple positive feedback from its customer base. We also agreed with the customers who have used this product and found it one of the most efficient jam pans in the market.

Several experts in our team already consider this product as the best jam pan in India. Why? Well, obviously because of its incredibly spacious make that enables you to cook large amounts of jam, sauce, stews and other kinds of food at one go. Apart from this, it has fantastic heat retention and distribution capacities. While the previous one lets you keep cooked food warm for an extended period, the latter enables you to cook food faster.

Another important reason why we loved this jam pan was its ethnic design. We loved the traditional intricate artworks that were carved on this pan. All these qualities and the super-reasonable price tag make this a favorite amongst our team of experts.

Top 10 Jam Pans in India

When it comes to cooking the best Indian and foreign cuisines, we need spacious utensils with good heat distribution, retention, and induction capacities. Especially when it is Indian cuisine, we have to be careful that the components of the utensil do not react with various wet, dry, or acidic ingredients inside the food and render it unfit for consumption. With all these criteria in mind, we conducted our research to find out the best jam pan in India. According to our research, the following are the contenders for the best jam pans available online currently.

  1. The Indus Valley Natural Iron Kadai
  2. Yadav Kraft Brass Kadhai
  3. Kitchen King Brass Platter
  4. KESAR KUNJ Heavy Weight Brass Kadhai
  5. NUTRI STAR Basin Bowl
  6. Mauviel M’passion 2193.40 Jam Pan
  7. Taluka Handmade Brass Hammered Cooking Set
  8. MANNAR CRAFT Traditional Bronze Cooking Urli
  9. W-Tech Golden Brass Pital Hammered Kadhai
  10. Kitronics Heavy Weight Brass Kadhai

The above-mentioned products in the list have been tried and tested by our experts and researchers. You can get detailed insights into them below.

1. The Indus Valley Natural Iron Kadai

This is a large copper jam pan known for its high quality and long-lasting nature. It can be used for cooking many different dishes in large quantities with minimal use of oil. You can avoid exposure to unhealthy and unnatural chemicals present in non-stick pans with the use of this traditional jam pan for cooking your meals.

This product is also very easy to clean and maintain and can help you prepare some of the most authentic, tasty dishes at home. The Indus Valley Natural Iron Kadai is also very sturdy and durable and has a smooth cast-iron body. One of the biggest upsides that impressed our experts about this particular product was that it did not react with lemon juice or any other acidic fruit extracts to disrupt the flavor of fruit jams. Although we checked the product description and breakdown by star rating, our research evoked superior results including fantastic heat conduction qualities and others. Thus we would highly recommend this product to you.

2. Yadav Kraft Brass Kadhai

From stews to jams to sauces, you can cook almost anything in this jam pan. The Yadav Kraft Brass Kadhai is easy to wash and clean and incorporates the goodness of metal while cooking. It can be used for cooking large amounts of food in the least amount of time and is a convenient product to have in your home.

One of the best things that impressed our researchers about this jam pan is that it has high heat induction capabilities and can be used for all sorts of food, with both wet and dry ingredients. It is known for its uniform heat distribution, which lets you cook your dishes in a fast and effortless manner. We loved the usage of traditional material in the manufacture of these superlative jam pans. We even fermented a lot of fruits and made delicious fruit juice, lime juice, and others using this pan during the research process!

3. Kitchen King Brass Platter

This product comes in beautiful golden bronze color and is known for its high quality. The body of this pan contains many intricate and traditional patterns that can make this a great product to have in your kitchenware collection. It has several 5-star ratings and can be used for daily cooking as it is large and heats up very fast.

Many people deem this product to be the ‘best jam pan in India’ due to its high durability and sturdiness. The Kitchen King Brass Platter is not suited for foods with acidic ingredients, as it can react with it. We investigated the raw materials that have been utilized in manufacturing this product and were quite satisfied with our findings.

4. KESAR KUNJ Heavy Weight Brass Kadhai

If you have an upcoming event in your home, then this jam pan is a must-have for you. It is extremely helpful for events and occasions as it can help you to cook large quantities of food within a short period. The Kesar Kunj Brass Kadhai is also dishwasher safe, which makes it easy to clean and maintain as well.

It has a beautiful copper color and can be used to cook food in medium heat for a long time, as it is a great conductor of heat and it also distributes the heat evenly without getting burnt in the body. It is also quite long-lasting and can be used for cooking multiple dishes. We tested this product by using a variety of foods - cold water, rose water, honey glaze, wet ingredients, dry ingredients, sweetening ingredients, leavening ingredients, acidic ingredients, and many more. We were highly astounded that this jam pan did not react with a single one of them, and kept their aroma and consistency intact!

5. NUTRI STAR Basin Bowl

This is an expert-recommended product, known for its premium quality, great looks, and large capacity. If you want to introduce a healthier lifestyle for yourself, then the Nutri Star Basin Bowl is a must-have for you. This copper pan allows you to cook without the harmful elements found in non-stick cookware, and gives you the best of cooking in a metal utensil.

This product can be used for cooking multiple dishes, even western dishes like cake easily. It is made up of pure copper, and it has a long life too, which makes it a catch for everyone. This copper jam pan is one of our favorite cookware products since it enabled us to create the perfect blend of apple cider vinegar during the research process. The resultant food products did not have any metallic flavor, however, we were quite sure about the goodness of copper ions that went inside the finished product.

6. Mauviel M’passion 2193.40 Jam Pan

With a beautiful copper color and copper coating, this jam pan has been turning heads for quite some time. If you are passionate about making fruit jams, jam glaze mixture, and sauces in your home, then this pan can come in real handy for you, as it is designed to cook them in large quantities with utter ease.

This product comes with brass handles which makes it easy and safe to use and carry around as well. It conducts heat efficiently and can be used for cooking in medium to high heat for long hours without any troubles. We even used this product on a preheated oven to create a smooth jam mixture and it demonstrated an incredible result. Although several utensils show marked differences from oven to oven, this jam pan works quite well with every kind of oven, including convection ovens.

7. Taluka Handmade Brass Hammered Cooking Set

This is a deep maslin pan that can be used for cooking many traditional Indian dishes effortlessly and efficiently. The Taluka handmade brass cooking set is durable, sturdy, and long-lasting, and is safe to be used on ovens.

You can use it to make jams, sauces and even cook other food items easily. It works well in high temperatures and cooks fast too. It is also a much better alternative to non-stick cookware, in terms of health. Our experts will highly recommend this product to our readers if they are passionate about making delicious juices like - apple juice, mango juice, orange juice, etc.

8. MANNAR CRAFT Traditional Bronze Cooking Urli

An Urli is a part of Kerala's culture and legacy and is one of the most useful traditional kitchen wares that you can have in your home. This product can be used to cook dishes like chicken curries, payasam, and halwa amongst many others with ease.

As this product is made of a material that displays high heat retention, it helps to keep your food warm after the oven has been turned off for a while. According to all our experts and product researchers, the MANNAR CRAFT traditional bronze cooking urli is one of the most remarkable products by a remarkable brand. It can help you cook many dishes with the least amount of oil, which makes it one of the best products to have at home if you are looking to implement a healthier lifestyle.

9. W-Tech Golden Brass Pital Hammered Kadhai

This product deserves a position on our curated list as it is highly durable and long-lasting as well. It is a value-for-your-money product, with a scratch and dent-resistant body, and can be used for cooking several dishes including fruit jams.

It has an extremely shiny surface and can be a real asset for your kitchen as well. This brass jam pan resembles a copper wok pan that is quite large, which makes it ideal kitchenware to be used for cooking large quantities of various dishes.

10. Kitronics Heavy Weight Brass Kadhai

With a large body, traditional design, and sturdy handles, this maslin pan is hard to beat. It can help you cook noticeably faster, and with the minimal use of oil, which is why it is such a popular piece.

This is a long-lasting product, highly durable, and is the best choice for cooking dishes for a large number of people. But try not to use acidic ingredients on it, as the copper in brass is reactive to acidic elements. Overall, this is a reliable product that is easy to use, and easy to clean as well.

The Intricacies of Our Research Methodologies and Testing Procedures

When it comes to anything related to your kitchen or cookware, we at Cookware Mart are always present to help you out in making an informed and conscious purchase. Yes, we take pride in being the favorite advisors to our readers whenever it comes to anything that has to do with their kitchen or food preparation. Our years of expertise and wholesome experience have made us fit to be the trusted advisors that our readers seek whenever they face confusion with purchasing utensils, appliances, and other kitchenware online. However, we must confide in you that the product recommendations that we offer are not simply a fluke. They are a result of highly detail-oriented and data-driven research and analysis conducted by our teams of experts. We want to be transparent with our readers regarding those research procedures and hence, have presented to you the invaluable details in the following five sections.

Why You Should Trust Us

Cookware Mart is a name that is synonymous with top-of-the-line cookware, kitchenware, and other relevant product recommendations. We enable our readers to become conscious customers themselves by supplying them with every detail and insight about the top products in every category. This empowers them to make informed decisions themselves. This is what motivates us and this is how we strive to gain the credibility and seal of trust from our readers.

Another big reason why you should trust us is our detail-oriented research. Our research process starts with our efficient kitchen appliances and cookware experts - Jagdish Thakur and Preetika Sharma taking the lead in shortlisting the products based on online reviews, customer feedback, testimonials, etc. In this case, too, they did the same and shortlisted more than 50 jam pans available online. These products were handed to our efficient team of testers who subjected these products to grueling tests. A group of professional and hobby chefs were also present with our product testers who tried various food recipes and preparations and noted down the results.

At the same time, our surveyors toiled tirelessly to conduct online and offline interviews and surveys on the customers who had already used the products that were shortlisted and were undergoing rigorous tests. Finally, we all came together to tally the customer experiences and feedback with the results of our tests to create an assortment that weighs in both these factors equally. This is how we obtained our final list of the top 10 jam pans that we present to you here.

Who This Is For

Ideally, this assortment can be useful for the entire Indian populace. But in this case, we had created certain target groups with the usage of the product in mind. They were -

  • People who love spacious utensils.
  • People who love to cook in traditional cookware.
  • People who love slow cooking.
  • Culinary experts.
  • Culinary enthusiasts.
  • People who love to make jams, juices and pickles at home.

How We Picked

Honestly speaking, several essential parameters were considered while performing research and finding out the product that can earn the epithet of the best jam pan in India. However, we will not bore you with unnecessary details and only present you with the cream of the research parameters which will help you in gaining insights.

  • Capacity: As Indians, we love cooking for friends, families, relatives, etc. Especially when it comes to making jams, jellies, pickles, fruit juice, etc. we create voluminous quantities at once. Hence, our experts emphasized the size and capacity of the jam pans at first.
  • Heat Conduction and Other Relevant Properties: Cookware that have impeccable heat conduction, induction, and retention capabilities featured in our list at the top. Our experts understand that cooking can be made quite effortless if the cookware conducts and retains heat effectively. Alongside this, the expenditure of fuel can also be minimised.
  • Material: Our experts only considered those jam pans that were manufactured using pure metals and their alloys. In this way, we minimized the possibility of toxifying the food cooked.

Our Picks

The following list contains the expert-curated assortment of the best jam pans in India. Check it out thoroughly if you wish to make a purchase.

Sr. No.ProductBuy Now
1The Indus Valley Natural Iron KadaiCheck Price
2Yadav Kraft Brass KadhaiCheck Price
3Kitchen King Brass PlatterCheck Price
4KESAR KUNJ Heavy Weight Brass KadhaiCheck Price
5NUTRI STAR Basin BowlCheck Price
6Mauviel M’passion 2193.40 Jam PanCheck Price
7Taluka Handmade Brass Hammered Cooking SetCheck Price
8MANNAR CRAFT Traditional Bronze Cooking UrliCheck Price
9W-Tech Golden Brass Pital Hammered KadhaiCheck Price
10Kitronics Heavy Weight Brass KadhaiCheck Price

All the products mentioned above are the best when it comes to the Indian jam pan segment. Choose wisely while making the purchase decision.

Final Verdict

If you wish to go forward with a spacious jam pan made of iron, you can choose - The Indus Valley Natural Iron Kadai which is our top pick.

If you want something that acts as a more multipurpose option, the runner-up - Yadav Kraft Brass Kadhai may satisfy you.

If you would rather go with a more reasonable jam pan without compromising on the essential qualities, you can choose the Kitchen King Brass Platter which is our budget pick.

However, all the products mentioned above are quite similar in terms of features and utilities and will be highly useful in your kitchen!