Tussling to clean the charred remains of the food on the grill pan is daunting. The best non-stick grill pan in India is an appealing option. It merges well with the modish designs of the kitchen and eases the work of the cleaning. Get one of the best non-stick grill pans in India from our compiled list and let the culinary arts take a new shape! Eat right and live healthily is the motto of most of the chefs and fitness freak people these days. The non-stick grill pan with a lid allows cooking with the minimal use of oil. Low oil cooking keeps us healthy and fit. Use the non-stick grill pan with a lid and enjoy the deep cooked savories with family.

After intense research and study, our team has come up with the top pick of the category that is inspired by Italian designed and made with German technology. The Wonderchef Granite Non-Stick Grill Pan grey-colored non-stick grill pan has an ergonomic soft-touch handle. The 24 cm diameter and 3.5mm thickness making it suitable to be used in day-to-day lives. It comes with 24 months warranty.

Our Pick

Wonderchef Granite Non Stick Grill Pan

The Best Non Stick Grill Pan in India

Made with virgin aluminium and 5-layer Meta tuff coating. Compatible with all cooking sources like induction, gas stove, and hot plate.

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Though the steel ladle cannot be used on the pan, it comes with easy maintenance and cleaning. Our runner-up pick-up in this category is a square-shaped black color non-stick grill pan by Cello – the Cello Aluminium Non-Stick Grill Pan. It is a great alternative to outdoor cooking with a stay-cool sturdy handle. The warranty for 12 months comes for manufacturing defects and ergonomic design gives convenient cooking.


Cello Aluminum Non Stick Grill Pan

Best for Grilling Paneer, Vegetables, and Sandwiches

Made with die-cast alumium. Ensures high heat conductivity providing high-efficiency cooking.

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It is not compatible with induction or oven but with the ribbed bottom, the grilled vegetables are cooked within minutes on the gas stove. The hammerton finish on the outer coating with the 3-layer non-stick coating inside makes the next grill pan our budget pick - Attro Non-Stick Grill Pan. It is easy on pockets and stylish with durability. Crafted with a heavy-gauge aluminium base, the pan heats up quickly and distributes heat evenly. This helps to cook the food properly.

Budget Pick

Attro Non Stick Grill Pan

Best Budget and Gas Compatible Grill Pan

Marble grey color in spatter finish. Made from high quality aluminium.

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This grill pan cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher but has the least maintenance though.

10 Best Non Stick Grill Pan in India

As the innovation has progressed, the cooking vessels have taken a cutting-edge turn with stylized looks for better cooking practices. Here, we have created a rundown of the ten best non-stick grill pan in India to help you choose as per your inclinations.

  1. Wonderchef Granite Non Stick Grill Pan
  2. Cello Aluminum Non Stick Grill Pan
  3. Attro Non Stick Grill Pan
  4. Nirlon Non Stick Grill Pan
  5. Vinod Zest Plus Non-Stick Grill Pan
  6. Prestige TTK Non-Stick Grill Pan
  7. BERGNER Senator Non-Stick Grill Pan
  8. Homware Non Stick Grill Pan
  9. Impex RUBY Die-Cast Nonstick Grill Pan
  10. MountainChef Non Stick Grill Pan

Have a look at the details of the features and the pros and cons of each of the best non-stick griddle pan.

1. Wonderchef Granite Non Stick Grill Pan

The grill pan with 24 cm diameter and 3.5 mm thickness enhances the cooking experience, especially with the grilled savories. Our top pick designer forged pan is made with virgin aluminium and is 100 % PFOA-free is the best grilling pan in India. The 5-layer meta tuff non-stick coating allows cooking with the least oil hence making it healthier to eat.

The only con of this non-stick griddle pan is that steel spoons or ladles cannot be used. Else, the superlative performance, its beauty, and its durability make the pan stands out.

2. Cello Aluminum Non Stick Grill Pan

Indulge in tasty and authentic grilled delicacies with cooking in this runner-up pick of our listed grill pans. It is an efficient solution for indoor grill cooking with the alumiunium base that distributes heat evenly and allows uniform cooking. The square-shaped grill pan has ribbed bottom to grill veggies, paneer, or more dishes in a few minutes.

However, it is not induction or oven compatible but can only be used on the gas stove. The non-stick coating reduces the consumption of oil that results in healthier meals.

3. Attro Non Stick Grill Pan

The strong and sturdy budget pick of the category is made of aluminium and ensures even heat distribution. It has a Bakelite handle that stays cool while cooking giving a good grip too. The non-stick grill pan is only compatible with the gas stove.

This non-stick grill pan is not dishwasher safe. However, it has a 3-layer Teflon non-stick residue-free coating and has no hassles cleaning and maintaining otherwise.

4. Nirlon Non Stick Grill Pan

The 22 cm, square-shaped grill pan with a 1.15-liter capacity offers a timeless experience. The hassle-free cooking and maintenance of the grill pan make it exclusive kitchenware. It is constructed in a tough way to add to the longevity of the pan.

It can be used on the gas stove. Though it has a top-notch quality but restricts only the use of wooden spatula.

5. Vinod Zest Plus Non-Stick Grill Pan

This pan is productive with an extra thick cast body which provides it a long life, also comes with Swiss technology meaning it's scratch-proof and completely non-stick cookware. The handle is safely and purely made of silicon resulting it in being cold to touch.

This pan is not oven safe but can be used on any kind of other hot stove. However, it is dishwasher safe, making it easier to be washed.

6. Prestige TTK Non-Stick Grill Pan

The grill pan is constructed of pure aluminium and in a square shape according to convenience. It is completed with three layers of Teflon non-stick residue which makes it metal spoon friendly. This cookware has the extreme ability to resist scratches or corrosions and is extremely durable. It is manufactured with a Bakelite handle with grip spots giving it a firm hold and is long-lasting. 

It is not oven-safe but can be used on gas stoves or any type of induction. 

7. BERGNER Senator Non-Stick Grill Pan

The pan provides an even heat distribution as it is made of cast aluminium making it easier to cook edibles. The pan is attached with a Bakelite ergonomic handle resulting in an easy gripping and better and comfortable grip. It is crafted with fine die-cast aluminium, ideal for slow cooking. 

The only con of this grill pan is that it is only compatible with a gas stove and neither on induction nor on another heat source. It is easy to care for, convenient to clean and maintain, dishwasher safe, and BPA Free.

8. Homware Non Stick Grill Pan

The lightweight grill pan is made with food-grade material and is dishwasher safe too. Ideal for grilling kebabs, sandwiches, veggies, this grill pan is a good alternative to outdoor grills. An ergonomically designed handle stays comfortably cool while cooking for a good grip.

The die-cast aluminium body with a thick base makes it ideal to sear or fry the favorite dishes. Apart from some coating issues, the features are good for this grill pan.

9. Impex RUBY Die-Cast Nonstick Grill Pan

The 3.5mm thickness grill pan features a 3-layer high-grade non-stick granite coating. Relish restaurant-style grilled meals cooked with minimal oil at the comfort of home. It has heat resistant handle that stays cool while cooking and has a strong magnetic locking. The spiral bottom is compatible with all heat sources.

The con of this pan is non-Teflon non-stick coating. Grill like a pro and enjoy the grilled meals.

10. MountainChef Non Stick Grill Pan

Made with hard-anodized aluminum cookware, this grill pan is durable and tough. The square shape fits on all sizes of a gas stove. It has a 3-layer non-stick surface and is completely PFOA-free. Easy to clean and maintain, the pan is dishwasher safe.

Though the cookware has a high-quality, thick base, it can only be used on the gas stove and is not compatible with induction or ovens.

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

In this section, you will get to know about our research techniques and testing methodology in detail. This cookware was based on our predefined parameters and was undertaken by our highly expert team.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our team has worked hard and done intense research to shortlist the best non-stick grill pan in India. Two of our team members surveyed around 500 women to know the pros and cons of the non-stick grill pan. 

They also interviewed the expert chefs to know the in-depth of grill pans. As suggested by them, our team has shortlisted the 30 non-stick griddle pans. The search, the survey, the discussion took around 3 months to pick the best out of the list.

Finally, the team, keeping up with all the parameters, chose the 10 best non-stick grill pan in India with the top pick, runner-up, and budget pick as the winners of all.

Who This Is For

The non-stick grill pan is essential these days to enjoy the grilled savories at home. It adds to good health as well. The change to the best non-stick griddle pan is necessary for those who:

  • Are health-conscious.
  • Wish to keep things easy to clean.
  • Wish to add the modish touch to kitchenware.
  • Want to test their culinary expertise.
  • Like to enjoy the healthy home-cooked delicacies.
  • Are willing to invest in value for money.
  • Want to save on time while cooking.

How We Picked

Our team pooled some parameters to judge the best non-stick grill pan in India. It was taxing to get the best from the huge data. The market is flooded with stylized and durable non-stick grill pans to choose from. The few of the parameters through which we chose the 10 best grill pans are following:

  • Finish: The finish of a grill pan matters a lot as the pan should be convenient to cook and also look stylized that merges well with the looks of a modish kitchen.
  • Features: The layers of base material pressed to form the non stick coating make it more durable and the heavy base allows the uniform heat distribution.
  • Ease of Cleaning: As many of the grill pans are not dishwasher safe hence easy cleaning and maintenance add to the beauty of the pan.
  • Price: Every buyer is concerned with the price; the grill pans listed here can fit into the customer’s pocket and merge well into modish kitchens too.
  • Warranty: The warranty can help us get the damaged or defective product replaced or repaired without any extra cost.
  • Handle: The handle plays an important role in handling the grill pan while cooking. An ergonomically designed handle that does not allow the heat to pass through it is always the preferred one. This would allow a good grip hold while cooking as the handle does not get warm.
  • Weight: The non stick grill pans should not be too heavy to hold. The lightweight pans are comfortable to hold and flip the meals to cook at its best.
  • Ridges: A good non stick griddle should have ridges raised to drain out any excess fat. This would add more of the health pinch to the meal and an enhanced natural taste too.
  • Shape: though the grill pans might be available in various shapes and sizes but a square-shaped grill pan is best to use. It allows using the wider area for cooking and grilling. This in turn helps for faster cooking by providing more heat to food. 

Our Picks

Choose the non-stick grill pan, from the list we have compiled, that perfectly suits your needs. 

Sr. No.ProductBuy Now
1Wonderchef Granite Non Stick Grill PanCheck Price
2Cello Aluminum Non Stick Grill PanCheck Price
3Attro Non Stick Grill PanCheck Price
4Nirlon Non Stick Grill PanCheck Price
5Vinod Zest Plus Non-Stick Grill PanCheck Price
6Prestige TTK Non-Stick Grill PanCheck Price
7BERGNER Senator Non-Stick Grill PanCheck Price
8Impex RUBY Die-Cast Nonstick Grill PanCheck Price
9Super HK 2.5 Litre Patila/Bhagona/Tapeli Stainless SteelCheck Price
10MountainChef Non Stick Grill PanCheck Price

Final Verdict

Wonderchef Granite Non-Stick Grill Pan is the winner in the category and is our top pick for the non-stick grill pan.

For the runner-up category, Cello Aluminum Non-Stick Grill Pan takes the position as per our predefined parameters.

Attro Non-Stick Grill Pan is a budget pick that suits the pocket and is good to use a grill pan.

After hours and hours of research, we also bring to you the best grill pan with a lid to cut down your cooking time. Don't forget to check out. Go through the details, the features and choose the non-stick grill pan to show your expert culinary skills.