Do you love eating grilled foods like grilled meat, fish, vegetables, or sandwiches? Instead of ordering takeaway of grilled foods, you can now cook it home with the help of some of the best grilling pans in India. If you are new to grilled cooking and wonder how grilled pans are different from regular pans, one of the significant differences you will see is that grilled pans cook food slower than regular pans, thus making the food juicier. A grill pan with a lid is perfect for family dinners or lunch to make your meat and veggies more succulent and more tender, trapping the moisture inside the pan. Cooking food with the best grilling pan in India is also healthier because the raised ridges of the grilling pan act as racks and allow the fat in some meats to drain away from the food. We have researched comprehensively more than 50 grill pans available in the market and compiled a list of the best ones, led by Attro Non-Stick Aluminium Gas Compatible Grill Pan.

Our Pick

Attro Non-Stick Aluminium Gas Compatible Grill Pan

The Grill Pan that makes your family cookouts much better

You can now make grilled meat, fish, or vegetables at your family dinners, even if you do not have outdoor grills.

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After conducting in-depth research, our team has found that Attro Non-Stick Aluminium Gas Compatible Grill Pan takes the top spot, no questions asked. This pan from Attro is made of heavy gauge aluminum to ensure even heat distribution throughout the pan to avoid burnt foods. It also has 3-layer Teflon non-stick layering, uses less oil for cooking, and thus reduces the oil consumption of your family.

Finding a good grill pan that gives you the perfect grill marks for your food, as well as these ridges, helps your food with a firm, smoother textured surface, allowing the heat to reach across evenly. Since aluminum grills are lighter compared to cast iron ones, Attro's grill pan makes it an ideal choice by many for outdoor gas stove cooking.


Wonderchef Granite Non-Stick Grill Pan

PFOA-free grill pan to improve your cooking experience

Use little to no oil while cooking grilled food with Wonderchefs non-stick grill pan for a healthier and balanced meal.

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Whether you are conscious about your cookware as much as you are about your food, or you want to use the top-graded grill pans in your restaurant, nothing can beat Wonderchef Granite Non-Stick Grill Pan. Made with virgin grade aluminum, Wonderchef's grill pan is PFOA, nickel, and heavy metals-free. The 5-layer Meta Tuff non-stick coating makes this pan perfect for cooking that requires little to no oil.

The grill pan price of the Wonderchef pan is much lower than many others, which is not even half as good as this one. Whether you are planning to grill vegetables, kebabs, tikkis, or meat, the long-lasting 3.5 mm thickness of the pan saves your food from getting charred or burning. Our research team has found this to be the second-best grilling pan in India for its finest non-stick coating, stylish design, and ergonomic soft-touch handle for a firm grip.

Budget Pick

Cello Aluminium Non-Stick Grill Pan

A Non-stick Grill Pan for All Your Outdoor Cooking

Start your cooking journey with this affordable grill pan and surprise your family with a perfect grilled meal.

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A Cello Aluminium Non-Stick Grill Pan is great for outdoor cooking and beginners afraid of turning their food into charred coals. One of the best budgets picks if you are worried about grill pan price in India, the Cello grill pan has a base thickness of 2.5 mm, allowing the heat to spread quickly and evenly.

Whether you are looking to make fish, meat, or just a grilled cheese sandwich, this gill pan makes it easier for you to find your footing with cooking and the moisture to build up between the ridges makes it tender, tastier, and juicier. Since Cello is an India-based company, the makers know what material and grill design work better for Indian outdoor cooking, especially if you do not have an outdoor grill. To make your Cello grill pan last longer, avoid using acidic material or high heat, or steel wool while cleaning. The handle in this grill pan is sturdy enough to last you for a decade if you take proper care of it.

10 Best Grill Pans in India

Our Cookware Mart team met up with various professional chefs, homemakers, and everyone in between to come up with these top 10 selections. We have gone from street food vendors to five-star restaurants and even ran polls on various online platforms to ensure that the result we came up with is not limited to one or two groups of people. We have also tested these pans in our labs to ensure that our choices coincide with the general public's. The pans in this list contain both grill pans with lids and without lids.

  1. Attro Non-Stick Aluminium Gas Compatible Grill Pan
  2. Wonderchef Granite Non-Stick Grill Pan
  3. Cello Aluminium Non-Stick Grill Pan
  4. Tosaa Square Grill Pan
  5. Truffles Atlas Die Cast Grill Pan
  6. Homware Non-Stick Aluminium Grill Pan
  7. 70'S KITCHEN Cast Iron Grill Pan
  8. Panca Non-Stick Aluminium Grill Pan
  9. PKB Non-Stick Aluminium had Hammer-Tone Coating Grill Pan
  10. Rock Tawa Induction Base Cast Iron Grill Pan

Below we have discussed the merits of each of the grill pans so that you can make a well-educated choice for your next (or first) grilling pans.

1. Attro Non-Stick Aluminium Gas Compatible Grill Pan

Even though Attro is an emerging name in the cookware industry of India, the brand has already achieved some remarkable feats with their top of the glass grilled pans. While the 3-layer Teflon non-stick base keeps the food from burning or charred coal, the ergonomic bakelite handle keeps your hand safe even after the pan is exposed to heat for a long time. This 240mm aluminium grilled pan helps you cook food in large batches for family cookouts.

Since aluminium is lighter than many other pan materials, the heat can distribute evenly throughout the pan for even cooking meat, fish, or other foods. If you take care of the pan while cleaning, it will last for decades.

2. Wonderchef Granite Non-Stick Grill Pan

Wonderchef had intertwined the best of two worlds when they created their granite non-stick grill pan with inspiration from Italian design while adhering to the quality standard of German products. This square-shaped, modern grill pan has the finest non-stick coating to ensure less oil while making tastier and juicier food items.

Made with virgin aluminium, their non-stick grill pan has a 5-layer Meta Tuff non-stick coating and is free of heavy metals, nickels, and PFOA for daily healthy cooking habits. The soft-touch handles are safer and easier to hold onto as it provides a good grip, even if your palm is sweaty or oily while cooking.

3. Cello Aluminium Non-Stick Grill Pan

Made in India for Indian cooking, Cello's aluminium non-stick grill pan is an ideal alternative to heavyweight outdoor grills. It provides the same tasty food as an outdoor grill would, making it healthier as the pan's non-stick base helps collect fat in the bottom. Since the pan is made of die-cast aluminum, this modern, square-shaped grill has high heat conductivity, making your cooking highly efficient.

The handle with a soft grip is not only easier to hold onto but is also sturdy enough to last you a lifetime. To ensure that your pan lasts a long time, avoid using acidic material or steel wool to clean or store food in the non-stick pan itself.

4. Tosaa Square Grill Pan

Tosaa square grill pan is made for everyday grilling use and as a safe alternative for outdoor grills. Whether you want to eat some seekh kebab, grilled vegetables, or grilled fish, Tosaa's grill can handle it all.

Tosaa's grill pan is made of die-cast aluminum alloy and comes in two different sizes. Unlike other grill pans, cleaning a Tosaa grill pan is extremely easy and does not require much effort.

5. Home Centre Aluminium Truffles Atlas Die Cast Grill Pan

Are you looking for pans to cook your food with little to no oil at all for your dietary requirements? Well, you are at the right place; the Home Centre's aluminum die-cast grill pan provides the ideal layer of aluminum to evenly spread the what to avoid food sticking to the pan.

The handle on this pan is foldable so that you can tuck it into a small space in your storage when not in use. To ensure the pan's longevity, instead of using harsh cleaning agents, gently use warm water and mild soap to clean it.

6. Homware Non-Stick Aluminium Grill Pan

Homware's non-stick grill pan is available at one of the lowest prices in India, an ideal choice for starters who are learning to cook grilled foods. This non-stick pan is lightweight and easy to use and carry around.

The handle is made of heat-resistant materials, while the outside base of the pan is made of heavy aluminum, too, to avoid quick spreading of heat and burning of the food. Unlike other grill pans mentioned above, this grill pan is dishwasher safe, thus cutting your cleaning time.

7. 70'S KITCHEN Cast Iron Grill Pan

As the popularity of cast iron pans and pots grows globally, this cast iron grill pan by 70's kitchen gives you precisely what you are looking for - a healthier way of making snacks and meals more delicious. This pan is traditionally pre-seasoned by hand by various skilled artisans of Tamilnadu. While other grill pans are specifically for grilling, this grill pan offers you a multitude of ways to cook your food, including grilling, broiling, searing, braising, roasting, etc.

If you have iron deficiency, this cast iron grill pan will be absolutely the perfect cookware for you, as cooking food in cast iron pans helps with iron intake. The double silicone handles allow the cook to handle the pan safely and move from the stove to the table without burning themselves.

8. Panca Non-Stick Aluminium Grill Pan

This non-stick aluminum pan by Panca has the capacity of 1 litre for time-efficient and cost-efficient cooking for large batches of food. Made of pure aluminum, you can use this grill pan for cooking multiple food and snacks to eat with your evening cup of tea. If you are looking for a grill pan compatible with all kinds of stoves, Panca's non-stick pan is an ideal choice for you.

The high-quality non-stick coating on the inside is scratch-resistant, and the user-friendly bakelite handles provide a firm grip for the users to hold onto while cooking and transferring the pan from stove to countertops.

9. PKB Non-Stick Aluminium had Hammer-Tone Coating Grill Pan

This aluminum pan from PKB is super affordable for people who are just learning to grill foods. You can use it as your learning pan and how not to burn your grill foods.

Apart from that, the hammer-tone coating cooks the food faster. The PKB aluminum grill pan is gas stove compatible, and the package comes with a spoon and scrubber to use in the pan.

10. Rock Tawa Induction Base Cast Iron Grill Pan

Perfect to use in both gas stoves and induction stoves, this cast iron grill pan is pre-seasoned to cut down your pre-cooking efforts.

Whether you want to deep or shallow fry your food, this induction base grill pan retains heat better than many other pans available in the market. The grill pan price for this Rock Tawa pan is much lower than many different options available in the market.

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

Choosing the best grilling pan in India from a wide range of brands is undoubtedly a tasking job. However, our research and analysis team has spent days personally going through a list of some 50 odd available pans in the market and came up with this list of top10 products, one closely following the other in all aspects. Before conducting our research, we agreed upon focusing on particular elements such as availability all across the country, health factor, the purpose of the pans, etc., to choose the pans. Here is our comprehensive research process, grouped into smaller sections:

Why You Should Trust Us

We are a group of cookware specialists with high-end cooks, roadside eateries, and homemakers who tried and tested all the pans we have accumulated and came up with this list. The list we have made is not to promote a single brand or product; we have come up with the products list after genuinely testing every pan for months. We bring you grilling pans of the best brands with no hidden agenda.

Our group of cooking specialists comprises people who have spent more than half of their lives around the kitchen and cookware, professional chefs, culinary experts, or homemakers. Apart from understanding the cookware materials, they could probably tell you the health benefits of choosing certain materials in their sleep. With their cumulative decades of experience and testing in our labs, we have created this list of 10 products with utmost care and skill.

Who This Is For

The grilled pans we have chosen are for people who love to cook and eat healthily. Here are some people who would love to use the selected pans:

  • Cooking enthusiasts
  • Culinary novices
  • Food bloggers
  • Homemakers
  • People who often have family gatherings
  • Campers and cookout lovers
  • Professional chefs

How We Picked

Picking and sorting a list of only ten grilling pans is not an easy job. However, We have considered the following elements while making a list:

  1. Material: The material a grill pan is made of heavily impacts how your food turns out to be. Aluminium, cast iron pans are most commonly used materials as it makes grilling food more uncomplicated and quicker.
  2. Heat Management: A grill pan should be able to evenly distribute heat throughout the pan so that no part of the meat, fish or sandwich you cook remains raw.
  3. Handle: another vital parameter of a good grill pan is having a handle with a good grip and no-slip guarantee. A bakelite handle in such cases provides a perfect soft touch with an easy grip to hold onto.
  4. Design and Safety: We also considered the design and safety of the pans we listed above - most of the pans were designed to hold maximum food in large quantities. Safety is also of utmost importance to ensure your safety while cooking your grilled foods.

Our Picks

To ensure that one grill pan can be used for all kinds of grilled food items, whether to grill veggies, paneer, meat, kebab, or sandwiches, the team at Cookware Mart has checked over 50 grill pans to select the best few. Here are our top 10 picks:

Sr. No.ProductBuy Now
1Attro Non-Stick Aluminium Gas Compatible Grill PanCheck Price
2Wonderchef Granite Non-Stick Grill PanCheck Price
3Cello Aluminium Non-Stick Grill PanCheck Price
4Tosaa Square Grill PanCheck Price
5Home Centre Aluminium Truffles Atlas Die Cast Grill PanCheck Price
6Homware Non-Stick Aluminium Grill PanCheck Price
7 70'S KITCHEN Cast Iron Grill PanCheck Price
8Panca Non-Stick Aluminium Grill PanCheck Price
9PKB Non-Stick Aluminium had Hammer-Tone Coating Grill PanCheck Price
10Rock Tawa Induction Base Cast Iron Grill PanCheck Price

Final Verdict

If you are looking for durable grilling pans in the long run and providing the best result, you can go for Attro Non-Stick Aluminium Gas Compatible Grill Pan.

If you are interested in choosing a high-quality grill pan with an ergonomic design, Wonderchef Granite Non-Stick Grill Pan is the one you are looking for.

However, for people on a tight budget, who are cooking enthusiasts, the Cello Aluminium Non-Stick Grill Pan works just fine.

We hope this comprehensive list of top 10 grill pans will help you find your ideal pan for your next cookout if you are looking for other options apart from the top three.