Like any other kitchen appliance, tool, or cookware, a pressure cooker also comes in hundreds of designs, models, and colors. As we are talking about in this article on the Stainless Steel vs. Aluminum Pressure Cooker, shopping for the right pressure cooker will become an immense experience for you. The stainless steel pressure cookers are expensive than aluminum-lined pressure cookers. Besides this main and common difference of stainless steel vs. aluminum pressure cooker, you'll learn several other important differences in this article.

Are you planning to shop for a Pressure Cooker? The size of the cooker is the topmost factor to consider when you are planning to shop for a pressure cooker. It mainly depends on the size of your family. A pressure cooker between 5 and 8 quarts will work well for most families. Next to consider is how easy the cookware is to clean and maintain. Last, which pressure cooker material is right for you? All the factors vary among different types of pressure cookers.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the upsides and downsides of stainless steel vs. aluminum pressure cooker. Let’s start by taking a look at the pros and cons of both cookers and learn which pressure cooker material is right for you?

Advantages of Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

  • Look: The stainless steel pressure cookers come with a shiny and glossy look.
  • Heavy-duty material: Stainless steel cookers are made sturdy and heavy and even daily usage and cleaning don't impact the quality. They are extremely durable and long-lasting.
  • Easy to clean and stain proof: Because of high-grade material, stainless steel cookers don't get scratches and corrosion easily. So the cleaning part is considered very easy even with an abrasive cleaning solution or rough cleaning pad.
  • Suitable for beginner cooks: Stainless steel does not get heated up quickly. Even when you forget or overcook, the food burns chance are rare.
  • Use: A stainless steel pressure cooker will remain polished even after frequent and heavy use.
  • Health: It will not affect your health.

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Disadvantages of Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

  • Expensive: The price of stainless steel is unsurprisingly higher.
  • Heavy weight: This is another main downside of stainless steel cookers. It's a bit difficult to lift once the cooker is full.
  • Heat distribution: Stainless steel material is not a good conductor of heat so it will not quickly heat up. Hence, it will consume more fuel and time for cooking.

Advantages of Aluminum Pressure Cooker

  • Cost: The cost often makes or breaks the deal. And here aluminum lined pressure cooker wins the battle. For an aluminum cooker, you pay 50% of what you pay for a stainless steel pressure cooker.
  • Easy to pull: They are easy to carry when full and easy to handle during cleaning.
  • Good heat conductor: Aluminium is one of the best and effective heat conductor metals. Food in this type of cooker cooks instantly resulting in saving cooking time and fuel. 4. Ideal for professional cooking: Due to quick and universal heat distribution, aluminum pressure cookers are more preferred in large volume cooking like restaurants, hotels, etc.

Disadvantages of Aluminum Pressure Cooker

  • Short lifespan: It is a thin material, so you should not expect a long lifespan with an aluminum-lined pressure cooker. Damage chances are even higher if you use any sharp objects or acidic cleaning solution.
  • Scratch and rust: They are more prone to scratches, stains, and rust. Even attentive cleaning can damage aluminum utensils over time.
  • Unhealthy: Damaged aluminum cookers are certainly not good for your health. Eroded cookware can give you negative health effects.

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Final Verdict

Now you might be thinking that which one will be best for your kitchen? If you have two options: Stainless Steel vs. Aluminum Pressure Cooker, then

  • Give first preference for a stainless steel pressure cooker. But it will be pricey. So if your pocket allows, go for it.
  • If the first option doesn't fit, the next best option is an aluminum inline pressure cooker. Ensure you throw it once it is damaged, eroded, or stained as it can give negative health effects.

We are certain that these pros and cons of stainless steel vs. aluminum pressure cooker will help you in your buying decision.