Prestige is a prestigious brand known for manufacturing cookware for ages. Created with innovation, market research, and analysis, it has introduced tremendous collections of cookware that blend splendidly in modern kitchen decors. From pans to cookers, to tawas everything is available under this name. Prestige non-stick frying pan is made with high safety standards and has made cooking much simpler. The reliable and safe frying pan is durable and innovative.

Cook euphoric, tantalizing dishes with this incredible skillet that lets you explore your culinary skills. Go for the finest deals in a vast array of pans with the best Prestige non-stick pan price.


Prestige non-stick frying pan is Teflon coated and is PFOA-free. It is safe and promotes healthy cooking. The unbeatable robustness and vigor of prestige frying pans make it high-level cookware and aesthetic addition to kitchen gadgets.

Experiment with innovative recipes in the high-quality Prestige non-stick frying pan. There is an enormous range of frying pans under the brand. Prestige fry pan price makes it an affordable option. Check here, for the best selections.

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5 Best Prestige Non Stick Frying Pans

Prestige frying pans are available in brilliant finish looks making them good to cook and serve as well. As most people are opting for electric and induction cooktops, it is a need to adapt to this advancement. Prestige has altered to this and introduced pans that are compatible with all heat sources like induction, gas stove, or electric cooktops. Prestige frying pan with glass lid allows checking the progress of food cooked while on the burner and also keeps the flavor intact.

This exemplary kitchen gadget is available online with some great offers. The prestige fry pan price comes with the best bids with good complements online. Check the best of the best options.

1. Prestige Omega Fry Pan, 240mm

Non-Stick 240mm Pan With Granite Finish.

Perform culinary skills with ease in a stylized non-stick fry pan with a granite finish. The 2-layered metallic finish is maintained for a longer duration giving ease of cleaning too. Designed with German technology, the 5-layered pan is scratch-resistant and metal spoon friendly. The spatter-coated surface retains the shiny new look every time it is cleaned.

It has a thick and sturdy base that is compatible with both gas burner and induction. The convenient cooking and easy maintenance styles make it a good choice for daily use. It has a glass lid that stylizes it more and also helps to check the development of food cooking. The PFOA-free non-stick pan is dishwasher safe.

Key Features

  • Diameter - 240 mm
  • Color - black
  • Weight - 250 grams
  • Capacity - 1.7 liters
  • Made in India
  • Material - aluminum
  • Glass lid
  • Sturdy riveted handle
  • Dishwasher safe

2. Prestige Omega Deluxe Fry Pan, 280mm

5-Layered 280mm Non-Stick Pan.

Prestige Omega deluxe pan is 5-layered non-stick cookware made with German technology. The layer coating makes it metal spoon-friendly and scratch-resistant. It gives a convenient cooking function and compatibility with both induction and gas burners. The exterior 2-layered granite finish retains the look for a longer duration. Non-stick fry pan makes it easier to cook dishes in less time with no or minimal oil usage. The elegant design and looks make cooking a pleasant experience.

Key Features

  • Diameter - 280 mm
  • Finish - granite
  • Color - black
  • Weight - 1280 grams
  • Capacity - 1.1 liters
  • Warranty - 2 years
  • Made in India
  • Material- aluminum
  • Sturdy riveted handle
  • Dishwasher safe

3. Prestige Omega Deluxe Fry Pan, 200mm

PFOA-Free, 200mm, Durable Non-Stick Fry Pan.

The aluminum-made fry pan has a thick base that is compatible with both induction and gas stoves. Aluminum is a good conductor of heat and spreads the heat evenly across the pan for proper cooking of food. The vibrant red exterior color makes it pleasurable to cook in the pan. The 3-layered non-stick coating makes it long-lasting.

This PFOA-free fry pan is safe and healthy for cooking, searing, frying, and sautéing. The coating of the surface makes it metal spoon friendly and scratch-resistant. An ergonomically designed handle is heat-resistant and provides a comfortable grip while handling the skillet during cooking and serving as well. The unique design of the Prestige Omega fry pan makes it an attractive and aesthetic addition to the kitchen.

Key Features

  • Diameter - 200 mm
  • Color - red
  • Weight - 530 grams
  • Capacity - 0.5 liters
  • Made in India
  • Material - aluminum
  • Warranty - 1 year
  • PFOA-free
  • Durable

4. Prestige Omega Gold Fry Pan

Induction Base Non-Stick Frying Pan.

Omega gold series of fry pan is made with German technology and has a superior non-stick surface. It has a special radiance coating with stainless steel reinforced to make the surface metal spoon friendly and shining as new. The thick base of the pan is compatible with induction and gas stoves. An ergonomically designed same color handle is resistant to heat and comfortable to hold while cooking.

Key Features

  • Diameter - 260 mm
  • Color - metallic red
  • Weight - 1220 grams
  • Capacity - 2.1 liters
  • Made in India
  • Material - aluminum
  • Sturdy riveted handle
  • Dishwasher safe

5. Prestige Signature Fry Pan

Made With Hard Anodized Aluminum.

The signature series is made with hard-anodized aluminum ensuring no peeling or damage is done to the surface of the pan. This makes the skillet twice harder guaranteeing the strength and durability of the pan. It has a heat-resistant, Perma cool handle for comfortable cooking and undeniable coolness with complete safety. The wide, hard-anodized base helps to cook food faster and also makes it compatible with induction. This fry pan has a 3-layer nonstick coating which does not let the food stick to the base and allows the use of a metal spoon as well. Prestige Signature non-stick frying pan is ideal for heavy-duty use.

Key Features

  • Diameter - 270 mm
  • Color - black
  • Weight - 1160 grams
  • Made in India
  • Material - aluminum
  • Bakelite handle
  • Hard anodized
  • Dishwasher safe

Making of a Prestige Non Stick Pan

Non-stick frying pans are widely used and can be found in every household. The food cooked in these pans doesn't need a lot of oil thus is the top pick of health-cognizant people. Flipping dosa, preparing pancakes or delectable desserts is a lot simpler to cook in a non-stick griddle.

Prestige non-stick skillet has 3/4/5 layered covering making it tough and enduring with the sparkle forever.

  • Basecoat works like glue between the non-stick covering and substrate. It adds great scraped area protection from the covering.
  • Mid coat or intermediate coat contains stainless steel particles, improves even cooking, and makes it compatible with other cooktops.
  • For most extreme non stick properties, the topcoat comprises only PTFE, guaranteeing sturdy and long-lasting nonstick properties.
  • In the 4 or 5 layered fry pans, an added coat of reinforced spatter is adhered before the topcoat for longevity and making it metal spoon friendly.

Prestige non-stick pan price also varies with the layer coatings. The nonstick covering is not added with any harmful or synthetic substances. The metallic finish gives the alluring appearance of containers and pots. The external body is produced using the best quality aluminum with metallic shine that looks attractive and enhances the kitchen gadgets.

It’s All About Prestige and Its Technology

Prestige is a kitchen appliance brand catering the various cookware ranges across the miles. The Prestige portfolio includes products from cookers, pans, tawa, cooktops, mixer grinders, and other household appliances. With modernization, innovation, and experimental designs, Prestige has cookware along with other appliances for setting up the kitchen with modish touch.

Prestige frying pans are eminent and coated with chemicals to keep food safe apart from getting stuck to the skillet. The coating of nonstick on prestige frying pans makes it elusive and wreck-free. It allows for quicker concocting without sticking food on the base.

The German technology used to design Prestige frying pans makes them scratch and abrasion-resistant. This adds longevity to the skillet and makes it more durable. Though the use of wooden spatulas is recommended for all non-stick cookware, however, Prestige non-stick frying pan is metal friendly.

The styles and sophisticated looks of Prestige frying pans make it just not a virtuous addition to kitchen cookware but aesthetics for tableware too. A prestige frying pan with a glass lid is good to cook and to serve as well.

Devour the fluffy pancakes, pesto pasta, crispy stir-fry veggies, and lip-smacking savories with the comfort of home. The Prestige frying pan is the steadfast partner to cook numerous delectable dishes and satiate the taste buds with good well-being too.

How to Correctly Use a Non Stick Frying Pan?

Nowadays all the Teflon cookware is PFOA free. This was earlier used for coating and casting purposes. PFOA is a chemical that is stated to cause kidney and liver diseases and is harmful to health if used in daily lives. This compound is presently eliminated from Teflon covering.

Teflon is a safe compound to be used for cooking, however, there are a few safety measures to be thought of while utilizing the best non-stick frying pan in India.

  • At high-temperature, Teflon emits fumes that can be risky for wellbeing. Add little oil to the empty pan or put some food or fluid on the surface before you put the container for heating. The heating of an empty pan can damage the Teflon coating as well.
  • Cook the food on medium or low flame to keep up the decent temperature, as high temperature isn't useful for the coating and the wellbeing as well.
  • Ventilate appropriately while cooking in the best non-stick frying pan - switch on the chimneys or exhaust fans.
  • Always use a wooden or plastic spatula for flipping or broiling as Teflon coating can get scratched with metal utensils. However, some frying pans are metal friendly too.
  • Clean the pan with a soft sponge or wipe. No use of steel scrubbers is advised as it leads to unwanted scratches on the pan.
  • It is easy to clean Teflon-coated frying pans. Wash gently with soft soap and avoid using chemicals or baking soda.
  • Remove or replace a Teflon-coated frying pan every 5 years or earlier if it is scratched or flaked. The chipping or flaking of the pan if ingested in high quantities may harm the health. However minuscule flaking passes away easily.
  • Remember, the best non-stick frying pan in India with Teflon is a safe, sound, and healthy way to cook as a significant factor is that little or no oil is required while cooking.

Make meals more creative and mouth-watering with the great Prestige non-stick frying pan.