Copper pans are beautiful and good to cook in as well. It evenly distributes the heat and cooks the food fast. Furthermore, it holds heat for a longer time, even if the heat on your burner is not increased.

Copper is more fragile and reactive to other substances than stainless steel or cast iron, so you can't easily clean it with an abrasive scrubber. Proper cleaning of copper pans is paramount important to maintaining the eminence of your copper pan.

If properly maintained, copper pots and pans can be extremely valuable. However, how should you go about routinely cleaning copper pots and pans? Read the post to know it.

How to Clean Copper Pans and Pots at Home

Here we have compiled a fast and safe process to clean copper pans at home. Even if you only cook once in a while, you can clean a copper pan in under a minute using this method. Check it out.

  1. The first step is to put the pan in the sink and season it with salt. If you want a gleaming piece of cookware, it is insufficient to simply wash your copper pan in the sink with dish soap. That is why sprinkling salt on the pan's exterior helps turn an ordinary copper pan into a brilliant one. 
  2. Pour white vinegar into the salt in the pan, then sprinkle with more salt. White vinegar is quite useful in various things at home, so it's no amazement that it can also be used to clean a copper pan. After you've covered your skillet in white vinegar, add extra salt to it.
  3. Allow 15 seconds for the pan to settle. 
  4. The mixture of salt, white vinegar, and extra salt is incredibly powerful to restore the beauty of copper pans and pots. These components create chemical reactions, which will eventually result in a flawless copper pan. 
  5. Next, scrub the pan using a sponge soaked in white vinegar. Scrubbing is a necessary part of any cookware cleaning. This will gleam the pan.
  6. Scrub the sides of the pan once more with extra salt. After that, just rinse your copper pan and you're done! The final step is also the easiest, as it only requires rinsing your copper pan in water.

You'll be able to enjoy a spotless copper pan that will keep its appearance by doing so.

Other Tried and Tested Methods for Cleaning Copper Cookware

  • Combination of Lemon and Salt: Cut the lemon in half and season it with salt. Rub the lemon in and around the copper pan after that. The lemon-salt mixture can be applied with a sponge or towel. This mixture helps to remove stubborn stains quickly. Rinse your copper pan with warm water. After you've finished, properly dry the copper pan.
  • Ketchup: You might be surprised to learn that ketchup can instantly transform ordinary copper pots and pans into remarkable ones. Simply squeeze some ketchup onto a washcloth and spread it all over your pots and cookware. In minutes, they should return to their coppery hue. Ketchup is an unexpected solution that may instantly enhance the shine of the pot and make it gleam.

Look Over Our List of Things Not to Do With Copper Cookware.

  • Never in the least wash the copper pans and pots in the dishwasher
  • Bleach should not be used to clean unfinished copper since it can cause chipping and dark spots.
  • Avoid scrubbing it with anything that is too rough, such as a stiff brush, steel wool, or a harsh chemical.
  • Avoid unfinished copper soaking in water to accelerate the oxidation process.
  • Cook in a saucepan or skillet with a worn tin metal coating that allows copper to show through.
  • Because tin melts at 450 degrees, preheat or fry in tin-lined copper pans.
  • Do not heat the empty pan
  • Keep them out of the way of the gas stove.

If you follow these tips and guidelines properly you can make the copper accessories, cookware, or utensils shining and neat as new.

Final Words

Take advantage of these simple cleaning methods, and you'll have luxurious copper pots and pans that will quickly become household favorites. Try and let us know how you cleaned the copperware at home. Share more tips on how to clean copper pans and pots.