Ceramic pans and cookware are gaining popularity day by day and making their way to the Indian households as these are considered to be safe, lightweight, non-stick, toxin free, heat resistant, and easy to clean. The best part about the ceramic cookware is the look and appeal which gives it an upper hand as it brings sophistication in the kitchen and dining.

Ceramic cookware can be categorized into two types - pure ceramic cookware and ceramic coated cookware. The first one is made of clay and the second one has ceramic coating on the base metal. Both the ceramic cookware has non-stick properties which makes it easy to cook food and clean. And it is certain that if you sanitize your cookware properly then it will last really long. In this article, we will deliberate on the most appropriate way on how to clean ceramic pans and cookware. These tips and tricks will help you in maintaining the ceramic cookware to look as good as new. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Materials Needed for Cleaning 

For cleaning the ceramic cookware, hand-washing is the most preferable technique as the harsh cleaning agents of the dishwasher can harm this cookware. The required materials are listed below:

  1. Dish-washing liquid 
  2. Warm water
  3. Cleaning sponge
  4. Vinegar (if required)
  5. Baking soda (if required)
  6. Hydrogen peroxide (if required)

Directions for Cleaning

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to clean ceramic pans and cookware. Let's check the process in detail:

  1. Cool down - Let the ceramic pan cool down after cooking and before it is submerged in water as the sudden temperature change can harm the coating.
  2. Warm water and dish-washing liquid - Now pour warm water and appropriate quantity of the dish-washing liquid into the pan.
  3. Cleaning sponge - Start cleaning the pan using a soft sponge so that all the food particles and odor is removed from all the corners and edges where the food can get stuck.
  4. Hardened and burnt food - In case of any food particles that have been burnt and stuck at the bottom, sides, or edges of the ceramic pan and refuses to budge off even after cleaning and rinsing, then you can use vinegar and baking soda. Put some baking soda or vinegar onto the soaked pan and let it sit for some time. Now, move the sponge in circular directions to remove all the stubborn food particles. Vinegar should be avoided in cases where the ceramic coating has started to erode.
  5. Discoloration and stains - Cleaning and continuous use can leave the ceramic pan discoloured and stained that can look bad. For lightening the discolouration and stains, you can pour 3% hydrogen peroxide into the pan and let it sit for some time as it acts as a bleaching agent that starts to bubble up while acting.
  6. Rinse thoroughly - Using the warm water, rinse the ceramic pan thoroughly from inside and outside and then check for any remaining food particles and odor.
  7. Leave for drying - After thorough cleaning and inspection, leave the ceramic pan to air dry. Now you will have a clean and shining ceramic pan.

Following these directions while cleaning the ceramic pans and cookware will ensure that they retain their non-stick coating, shine, and looks in the long run without permanent discolouration and staining.

Guide to Care for Ceramic Cookware

These points will help you in keeping your ceramic cookware looking clean and new so that you can continue cooking your favourite recipes while maintaining them in their best shape and condition. Let’s go through the points:

  1. Avoid cooking food at high temperatures.
  2. Ensure to let the hot ceramic cookware to cool off before cleaning.
  3. Always soak the ceramic cookware in warm water so that the food articles can be removed effortlessly.
  4. Dishwasher can reduce the lifespan of the non-stick coating and distort the shape of the ceramic cookware, so hand-washing is recommended.
  5. Use wooden and silicone utensils for cooking food.
  6. Seasoning with a little bit of oil or butter while cooking will keep the ceramic coating intact. Sprays leave behind a residue that is difficult to clean and should be avoided.
  7. Keep pads in between the ceramic cookware while stacking and storing them to prevent scratches.
  8. Abrasive, steel, and harsh cleaning sponges should be avoided.
  9. Refrain from cutting with a knife in the ceramic cookware to prevent gouges to the surface.
  10. Always clean the ceramic cookware properly after every cooking session to enhance their longevity.
  11. Do not store the cooked food in the ceramic cookware for long and transfer it to the appropriate serving utensils.

Final Words

Ceramic pans and cookware are a step towards healthy cooking as it requires less oil thereby making the meals healthy for your family. This cookware is finding its way in every kitchen, café, restaurant, and hotel because of its durability, modern appeal, affordability, cooking convenience, sturdiness, and stylish looks. These are definitely easy to use and taking a little care while cleaning will allow them to survive for long as this cookware possesses reliable quality and functionality while equipping your kitchen with advanced technology. Now you know how to clean ceramic pans and cookware efficiently. So, cook, enjoy, and clean for a flawless and perfect cooking experience with the ceramic pans and cookware.