Although the evolution of kitchenware and utensils has reached its absolute peak, you may wonder how someone can still utilize the ones that are quite ancient in terms of their utility. Though their usage was forgotten in the name of modernity and progress, it is now our responsibility to learn about them for the sake of better health and having an improved lifestyle endowed with the best eating habits. Bronze cookware provides many advantages, including the ability to soothe dry skin, nervousness, and irritation when you are eating your cooked food in them. Eating in bronze cookware also aids in weight loss, healing of eyesight, and the repair of skin problems. We at Cookware Mart have assembled a team to find out for you the best bronze cookware in India. According to our meticulous research, MANNAR CRAFT Traditional Bronze Kadai/Cheenachatti is the best bronze cookware in India.

Our Pick

MANNAR CRAFT Traditional Bronze Kadai/ Cheenachatti

Retains Heat Longer and Consumes Less Oil

Our experts at Cookware Mart chose this product as the best bronze utensil/cookware in India as they were highly impressed with the overall features of this kadai.

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After in-depth research and hours of testing, our experts have found some great and highly beneficial features in the MANNAR CRAFT Traditional Bronze Kadai/Cheenachatti and established that it can achieve the numero uno position in our list.

According to our research, bronze cookware is a lifetime investment, unlike other cookware which we need to replace every few years. The kadai in concern has a great thickness of 5mm and is analyzed to be the best cookware for deep frying. It is made up of premium quality bronze and manufactured by hardworking craftsmen. Equipped with awesome thermal density, it consumes less oil in comparison to other cookware. Thus our experts concluded that eating in this cookware is ideal to keep your heart healthy and improve your overall health.

The researchers at Cookware Mart did a thorough investigation and found out that not only is this bronze cookware free from any chemical toxins, but also adds up to your healthy lifestyle, making it the best choice for everyone in your family. Other than MANNAR CRAFT Traditional Bronze Kadai/Cheenachatti, if you are looking for traditional bronze cookware with similar qualities and awesome features, do check out our number two on the list - Gayatri Bronze Handi Pot Set.


Gayatri Bronze Handi Pot Set

Traditional Cooking Vessels for a Good Health

We at Cookware Mart tested this uniquely designed handi pot set. We are happy to have found this terrific product and wholeheartedly recommended this to you all.

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We ran many tests and concluded that the Gayatri Bronze Handi Pot Set is the best bronze cookware set in India.

According to our experts, the benefits of using bronze utensils are hugely impacted by their quality. This handi pot set was proven to be optimum in terms of quality, composition as well as durability. It has a capacity of three liters and is suitable for making rice and similar dishes. Preserving most of the nutrients in the food and adding up to a healthy lifestyle through the unique benefits of bronze, this set is a highly recommended item for use in your kitchen.

Research proves that bronze is great for boosting health and immunity. Not just that, it also helps in relieving stress and amping up your energy. But we understand that some of you might find it a little too expensive or out of budget. Therefore, we got a solution for all those who want this healthy addition to your lifestyle at an affordable price. For a budget buy, have a look at our next product in the line - Alloy Steel Traditional Cooking Bronze Kadai/ Cheenachatti.

Budget Pick

Alloy Steel Traditional Cooking Bronze Kadai/ Cheenachatti

High Quality Bronze Kadai with Great Durability

According to our experts, this can be considered the best bronze cookware online which comes within a very affordable price range.

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Bronze cooking pans are reported to be particularly healthful, as 97 percent of cooked food nutrients are preserved after cooking, according to our research. They also purify the food we eat.

This bronze cookware has a flat bottom round base which ensures any type of stove usage. Thus, our product researchers and kitchen appliances experts concluded that even in modern kitchens that use induction cooktops, this utensil is a superb fit! Not only this, the extensive tests run by our experts show that there is an even distribution of heat which has resulted in better and efficient cooking. It is a good conductor of heat and retains heat tremendously well for a long time, thereby maintaining the warmth in food as well as its rich contents for hours.

As established by the experts, Alloy Steel Traditional Cooking Bronze Kadai/ Cheenachatti is highly durable and very helpful in improving a large number of health issues. We also felt that this kadai is the best in its segment considering the price point.

List of the 10 Topmost Bronze Cookware in India

Ancients who practiced Ayurveda taught us that eating and drinking in utensils made from bronze ensures natural curing properties. Metals and minerals are necessary, but they are insufficiently consumed. One of the best sources is the external consumption of these metals through your meals. Apart from our everyday food consumption, containers and utensils constructed using these metals are one of the best sources of essential trace elements that our forefathers ingested for years. We at Cookware Mart aspire to guide you in choosing the best bronze cookware and kitchen utensils in India. This is why we made the following list.

  1. MANNAR CRAFT Traditional Bronze Kadai/ Cheenachatti
  2. Gayatri Bronze Handi Pot Set
  3. Alloy Steel Traditional Cooking Bronze Kadai/ Cheenachatti
  4. MANNAR CRAFT Bronze Frying Pan/Appam Pan
  5. Gayatri-Bronze Pot
  6. TAZBI Traditional Bronze kadai/Cheenachatti
  7. TAZBI Bronze Cooking Uruli
  8. The Indus Valley Bronze Appam Pan
  9. The Indus Valley Traditional Handcrafted Bronze Paniyaram Pan
  10. Zishtha Handmade Natural Finish Bronze Kansa Uruli Cooking Pot

The following product descriptions provide every insight related to the list of the best-in-class bronze cookware displayed above.

1. MANNAR CRAFT Traditional Bronze Kadai/ Cheenachatti

This is one of the most popular bronze cookware in the country. It is a thick kadai, perfect for flying as the food does not get stuck to the sides. It is large, which makes it a must-have for large families where a large quantity of food is prepared every day.

One of the best things about this bronze kadai is that it retains the heat for longer which enables you to cook faster. With the help of this kadai, you can reduce the oil consumption in your family, paving a path towards a healthier lifestyle. The experts in our team said that these bronze pieces have a great impact in reducing the cooking time as well. We also loved how there is no reaction with acidic foods, ensuring developments in health due to the constant use of such bronze utensils.

2. Gayatri Bronze Handi Pot Set

This is a beautiful traditional bronze cookware set, meant for events or occasions where a large quantity of food is to be prepared in one go. Bronze has many medicinal benefits, which you can get by cooking in this beautiful bronze vessel. It helps to reduce obesity, improve your eyesight, and also helps in improving inherent skin conditions like dry skin.

This bronze cookware set is a great conductor of heat and allows these large quantities of food to be cooked faster, with less consumption of oil as well. This is a long-lasting, sturdy, non-stick cookware that can be an asset for any traditional event. One of the top reasons why this traditional cookware made out of ancient metals impressed us was its infusion of copper trace metals into your food.

3. Alloy Steel Traditional Cooking Bronze Kadai/ Cheenachatti

This is a sturdy and stylish bronze kadai that can be used for cooking several different types of food. These types of bronze vessels were a must-have in Indian kitchens during ancient times due to their multifarious health benefits. Even today, these find their uses in the modern kitchen due to the natural curing properties they impart to your food.

Several kitchen appliance testers in our team consider this product as the best bronze cookware in India. It is a long-lasting product and can be used on any type of stove as well. With the numerous health benefits like anti-convulsive properties, anti-inflammatory properties, and healthy skin that these provide, their presence is mandatory in Indian households.

4. MANNAR CRAFT Bronze Frying Pan/Appam Pan

This bronze frying pan is often recommended by our experts due to its superior quality and long-lasting nature. It is a good conductor of heat and distributes the heat gently as well, which helps in cooking uniformly. This is all-natural, toxin-free quality cookware that offers numerous health benefits and holistic healing properties for the users.

It comes with a polished look and is also easy to maintain. It can be used for cooking numerous dishes and is great for your eyes, skin, and cardiovascular health. We took the opinions from an Ayurvedic physician, and according to him, eating regularly on these cookware helps regulate blood pressure and prevents muscular pain. Therefore, according to our experts, this bronze appam pan scores higher than most cast iron pans, stainless steel, and regular copper utensils.

5. Gayatri-Bronze Pot

If you are looking for high-quality bronze cookware online, something that is big enough for large events, then this is the product that you should go for. This is a classic bronze utensil, which can be used for cooking several healthy and tasty dishes, and is also used during traditional and cultural holidays like Pongal.

If you have to feed a large number of people on any special occasion, this classic bronze pot can help you immensely. We witnessed that this bronze pot also helps to distribute the heat evenly and assists in faster cooking. The generous mixture of copper as alkalinizing metals in these bronze pieces will ensure tremendous health benefits.

6. TAZBI Traditional Bronze kadai/Cheenachatti

This traditional bronze kadai is from one of the most well-known brands in the country. It is a reliable and trustworthy product, known for its quality and thickness. It can be used to cook many different dishes easily, and due to its non-stick nature, cooking becomes a lot easier.

With proper care and maintenance, this product can last a long time. It is also useful in implementing better food habits, as it helps you cook with very less amounts of oil.

7. TAZBI Bronze Cooking Uruli

According to our expert opinion, this traditional bronze uruli can be a lifesaver for you if you have to plan an event where you need to cook for a huge number of guests. You won't even have to worry about the oil consumption or being late, as this bronze urli will not only ensure uniform distribution of heat and faster cooking but healthy cooking as well.

This cookware is easy to clean and maintain, which makes it a really popular product amongst our team of professional cookware experts. It is designed with utmost precision and with premium quality material as well. All of these reasons make it one of the most sought-after cookware in the market.

8. The Indus Valley Bronze Appam Pan

This bronze cookware comes with an immaculate design and high-quality material. It has several health benefits- it reduces inflammation, helps in better digestion and absorption of food, and also increases hemoglobin.

As bronze is known for its weight loss benefits, this bronze appam pan can be a great companion to your weight loss journey. We tested this product comprehensively and found that it requires very little oil for cooking, which can be highly beneficial to you and your family members. It is durable and sturdy, and also known for its immunity-boosting properties, which is why it is such a revered kitchen item.

9. The Indus Valley Traditional Handcrafted Bronze Paniyaram Pan

Non-stick cooking utensils in general can be harmful to your health, especially if they are used in the long run. This bronze cookware set can be a healthier alternative for you as it is completely safe to use and comes with many health benefits.

The design of this appam pan is made in a way that you can cook several types of Indian dishes with minimal use of oil. This product can also be a great item to have in your home as we found that it is fantastic for your skin and heart health and even digestion. We highly recommend this product to our users as it is also easy to clean and maintain.

10. Zishtha Handmade Natural Finish Bronze Kansa Uruli Cooking Pot

This bronze uruli deserves a spot on our curated list due to its traditional yet stylish appeal, durable nature, and health benefits. Its design is reminiscent of the ancient wax technique of casting from the ancient civilization that flourished along the river Pampa.

We thoroughly examined this product and found that it ensures uniform distribution of heat and helps to retain over 98% of the taste and the flavour of food cooked in it. This bronze cookware can be used to make sweets like chakka pradhaman and payasam, and can even be used for cooking for the masses during cultural festivals. It is manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen and can also be used to store the food, as it keeps them warm and fresh.

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

Bronze cookware sets are long-lasting and durable kitchen utensils. They preserve minerals and nutrients in the food and add to numerous health benefits. We at Cookware Mart work day and night to bring you our list of the best product lineups in the market. Long hours of screening, testing, investigation, and analysis are all part of our meticulous approaches and processes that define us. To make sure that we don't overlook any details or tips, our teams also include specialists and experts on the issue we are working on and the product that we are dealing with. For a better explanation and improved transparency with our readers, we have divided the following section into five parts -

Why You Should Trust Us

We at Cookware Mart aspire to be personal guides for our readers. We want to assist you in locating the best option amongst multiple kitchen appliances according to your needs and requirements. For this reason, we conduct studies and research on available products in the Indian market. This is done to provide you with holistic and accurate information.

To find the best bronze cookware in India, we assembled a team of experts from diverse backgrounds. These experts were assisted by our in-house kitchen appliances experts - Mr. Sanchit Thakur and Ms. Mayra Sharma. Mr. Thakur and Ms. Sharma compiled a list of all the available brands of bronze cookware in the Indian market. Our market analysts then made a list of more than 50 products based on online sales records and extensive online opinion reviews. These 50 brands were tested in a laboratory environment with a primary focus on available safety mechanisms, durability, and design of all these cookware. Based on the results from these tests, our experts shortlisted 10 bronze cookware and utensil sets available in the Indian market.

Mr. Thakur conducted extensive group interviews with restaurant chefs as well as professional and domestic culinary experts. Ms. Sharma conducted group interviews with ordinary consumers regarding the usage of these shortlisted products for a limited amount of time. These activities provided us with important insights and helped us to finalize a list of parameters to judge all the shortlisted products. After an extensive study of all these products, we bring you the top ten products according to our study.

We must mention that the COVID-19 pandemic and the nationwide lockdown that ensued fast-forwarded our studies to a huge extent.

Who This Is For

We believe this list of products curated by us to be useful for every section of the Indian population. During the focus group interviews, we took a sample population to create some target groups. These target groups are given below for your perusal. These groups are -

  •  Homemakers.
  •  Restaurant Chefs.
  •  Culinary enthusiasts.
  •  Hobby chefs.
  •  People preferring safe cooking alternatives.
  •  People aiming to make their food healthier with the presence of trace metals.

How We Picked

We tested all the products from various brands based on multiple parameters. A minutely-detailed account of all such parameters is beyond the scope of a single article. It also consists of a good amount of data consisting of various graphs, charts, etc. Such an account will take up a lot of time from your daily, busy schedule. Instead, we are giving you a brief account of the most important parameters in this study regarding bronze cookware sets. These are the following -

  • Composition - In the case of this study, our experts considered it to be the most important. This parameter determines the durability of the product. If the composition of the cookware is great, it will last longer and better. We focused on the composition of bronze and the presence of minimum impurities.
  • Health benefits - After a lot of tests, the researchers found the available health benefits in bronze cookware and also studied there extensively. Turns out, bronze cookware is a solution to many chronic health issues as well as seasonal infections.
  • Heat distribution - We focused on bronze cookware that ensures uniform heat distribution and also helps in faster cooking. The emphasis on this factor also helped us distinguish those products that minimize the use of oil.

Our Picks

After strenuous research and testing based on multiple parameters which are relevant to bronze cookware, we have made a list of the best ones available in India. We simply ask that you read the entire list before deciding whether or not to purchase any of the items.

Sr. No.ProductBuy Now
1MANNAR CRAFT Traditional Bronze Kadai/ CheenachattiCheck Price
2Gayatri Bronze Handi Pot SetCheck Price
3Alloy Steel Traditional Cooking Bronze KadaiCheck Price
4MANNAR CRAFT Bronze Frying Pan/Appam PanCheck Price
5Gayatri-Bronze PotCheck Price
6TAZBI Traditional Bronze kadai/CheenachattiCheck Price
7TAZBI Bronze Cooking UruliCheck Price
8The Indus Valley Bronze Appam PanCheck Price
9The Indus Valley Traditional Handcrafted Bronze Paniyaram PanCheck Price
10Zishtha Handmade Natural Finish Bronze Kansa Uruli Cooking PotCheck Price

Browsing through the entire list thoroughly will help you in choosing the perfect product that suits your needs.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best bronze cookware in the Indian market, then we believe MANNAR CRAFT Traditional Bronze Kadai/Cheenachatti is the best option for you.

If you are looking for the best bronze cookware set with a unique design, then the Gayatri Bronze Handi Pot Set is the most suitable product for you according to our experts.

If you are looking for the most affordable yet high-quality bronze cookware, then our budget picks - Alloy Steel Traditional Cooking Bronze Kadai/ Cheenachatti may interest you.

However, all these products are quite comparable in terms of features and their ability to provide additional safety. Hence, these products are highly desirable for the Indian populace.