The appam is a South-Indian twist to the classic pancakes which are traditionally made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk. But in India, the land of spices, anything really goes as long as it’s tasty and fits the title of appam or pancakes. It’s a delectable, finger-licking delicacy that is also surprisingly easy to make and even commonly consumed for breakfast, snacks or dinner. It’s hard to choose anything on the market nowadays with the abundance of choices all around- be it around regular shops or online stores. They all say their products are the best and trustworthy of your expenses. Therefore, to ease your mind, today we at Cookware Mart bring you a list of our top 7 best appam maker pans hand-selected by our team of experts and specially catered for anyone looking to make some authentic Indian delicacies. To know of our top pick, look no further because it’s most definitely the Anjali-DAL 12 Appa Patra Diamond Series. Read on below to find out why!

Our Pick

Anjali-DAL 12 Appa Patra Diamond Series

Non-Stick, Easy-to-Clean Appam Pan

Our team at Cookware Mart have extensively tested this and determined it to simply be the best one of the lot. It’s affordable, sturdy, durable, non-stick and comes with 12 cups to satisfy your evening parties completely.

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Our team of cookware experts at Cookware Mart have tried each product multiple times and over a considerable span of time and this one right here has stood the test of fire and time for us.

With over 80 hours of meticulous testing, this product stands out as not only efficient but also cost-effective. Its internal 2 coat technology allows for low calorie and efficient food so you don’t have to wait long or worry about health issues with this one. The PTFE non-stick coating means less oil consumption and even distribution of heat. This means not only will your appams be ready in no time, but they will also be evenly cooked too. No more charred or undercooked appams in your house! It is compatible with gas stoves and we tested this through for hours with varying levels of heat. We checked for discolouration or burnt marks and we can assure you there was none. This is because of the high-grade aluminium which makes the pan durable and sturdy. We tested this through various drop tests conducted over several dangerous heights and the pan came out looking dandy. So get one for your family and cherish the same nostalgic taste for years to come. We assure you it can take the heat and the beating.

The handle of the pan is a Bakelite fire-resistant handle so you can cook while holding the pan in hand. This product also comes with a wooden and plastic picker so you can scoop your breakfast with ease. We also provide a stainless steel lid to cover those mouth-watering fumes until your family is ready at the table. It comes with a whopping 12 cups and while the pan is easy to clean, we strongly advise against any sharp or abrasive cleaners. Just some soft cloth or non-abrasive sponges for the job and you’re good to go for another round.

Runner Up

BMS Appam Patra

Light-Weight, Heat-Resistant Handle

This one’s a quality product at a much cheaper price with all the convenient benefits of non-stick coating, heat-resistant handles and 12 cups so that your whole family has a hearty fulfilling breakfast.

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Our team at Cookware Mart deemed this worthy as one of the best appam pans out there and for good reason. It provides a range of top-notch qualities at a much cheaper price for all those who don’t want to splurge too much.

This is a lightweight aluminium non-stick pan suited for regular use. It has 4 layers of non-stick coating and believe us when we tell you- we tried to stick with it. Our team of cookware professionals tested this non-stick feature with several difficult ingredients and they still came out smooth as butter. The non-stick also allows for less oily low-calorie cooking where your appams come out hot and light as air. Our silicone handle is completely heat resistant so you don’t have to worry about getting your hands burnt. Over about 50 hours of testing by our team went into this- from heat absorption to cooldown rates and even at fluctuating temperatures, the handle is perfectly safe for your hands. The product also comes with a stainless steel cover to keep the suspense alive and your cooking secrets safe. There is also an in-the-box wooden stick for ease of cooking so that you don’t have to go look for your own tools for hours.

However, as with all cookware, this one too requires proper care. We advise against sharp objects like metal spatulas, whisks, knives and forks. For washing we recommend not using steel wool or hard sponges- soft cloth or sponges are just fine. We also recommend not storing food in the non-stick pan- especially acidic foods. With proper care and wash this product will last for a long time.

Budget Pick

Tossa Non-Stick 7 Cavity Appam Patra With Lid

PFOA, Chemical-Free Non-Stick, Durable Pan

Our experts at Cookware Mart have deemed this to be the best budget option for appam enthusiasts and beginners. This non-stick pan allows for low oil and gas consumption allowing for an efficient and optimum cooking experience.

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With coles to 100 hours of research and testing our team has determined this to be a viable budget option for all those cooking enthusiasts and beginners out there. With the minimum investment, this product offers superior non-stick coating which can make your breakfasts easier to make and healthier to eat.

For those who are looking for the best and cheapest option in the market, we recommend this. This heavy gauge aluminium pan is extensively tried and tested by our team of experts and we must say that the non-stick in this one is truly superior. It uses the modern PFOA, chemical-free German non-stick coating for the truly health-conscious out there. So you do not have to worry about any accidental chemical contamination to your delicious appams. Cooking is truly effortless with this one. The 7 cavity pan allows for a quick snack or breakfast for your whole family.

For a full wash, submerge the non-stick pan in mild warm soap-water for a few minutes then follow it up by running it under cold water. We strongly advise against using sharp metals like knives, forks, metal spatulas and whisks. While scrubbing is unnecessary if still needed we recommend soft cotton wool or sponges. This is a good option for all those college students or novice homemakers. 

Top 7 Best Appam Makers in India

Here at Cookware Mart, our cookware experts have tested over 100 products from all over the country- from local to international brands, online to e-retail stores. Our painstaking research has finally concluded upon these 7 picks which are not only the best of the best but also suit our Indian demographic as best they could. They are all affordable, efficient and durable products which won’t burn a hole through your pocket.

  1. Anjali-DAL 12 Appa Patra Diamond Series
  2. BMS Appam Patra
  3. Tossa Non-Stick 7 Cavity Appam Patra With Lid
  4. iBELL Premium Non-Stick Aluminium Appachatty With Lid
  5. Sjeware 12 Cavity Non-Stick Aluminium Appam Patra
  6. DIVYAM Enterprise Aluminium Non-Stick 12 Cavities Appam Patra
  7. DALUCI Aluminium Non-Stick 12 Cavities With Lid Appam Pan

We have prepared this list for your convenience. You can trust our word on this and take a pick from this list. But as is custom before all purchases, we urge you to first look through this list of ours and see which product suits your needs best.

1. Anjali-DAL 12 Appa Patra Diamond Series

This wonderful appam making pan is a popular choice amongst customers, based on its unique look and internally reinforced 2 coat technology. We recommend this appam pan as it is affordable and easy to clean, while being compatible with gas stoves. It comes with 12 cups along with a stainless steel lid, with a wooden and plastic picker for easy cooking.

The high-grade aluminium used in this appam pan makes it a durable and sturdy product. Use this non-stick appam maker from Anjali Store to cook low calorie meals for yourself and loved ones. And, just remember to not use any sharp cleaners on it. You can use soft cloth or sponge to clean the mess after cooking.

2. BMS Appam Patra

If you like having tasty, low-calorie and light appams in the morning for breakfast, this appam making pan can be a great choice for you. It comes with 12 cups, which allows you to make 12 appams at once. Thus, the time and effort spent on making them in huge quantities is reduced. Besides, you can serve light-as-air appam balls to your guests in no time, making more time for interaction and entertainment.

It is made out of aluminium and it can be a wonderful breakfast companion for you. The silicone heat-resistant handle on this appam pan makes it safer and easier to use. It also comes with a 1-year warranty, making this a value-for-money product. Besides, you also get a stainless steel lid and a wooden stick in the box.

3. Tossa Non-Stick 7 Cavity Appam Patra With Lid

7-cavity Tossa appam pan is a highly useful product, especially for calorie conscious people. This appam pan allows users to make tasty, low-calorie and oil-free appams with ease, making their breakfasts healthier. It does not even consume too much gas and comes with German coating. It is made from heavy-gauge aluminium, which makes it a long-lasting product.

The superior non-stick interior coating helps you to make appams without any extra effort. However, it is advised to avoid cooking in this pan on high flame as it may damage the non-stick coating. This is a PFOA and chemical-free appam pan, suitable for gas stoves. Overall, this is a must-buy product, which can make your breakfasts easier to make and healthier to eat by preserving the essential nutrients.

4. iBELL Premium Non-Stick Aluminium Appachatty With Lid

This is one of the most special, high-quality products that have caught our eye and we recommend this based on its various features. You can cook several different dishes like appams, pancakes, malpua and palada in this appam pan. It heats up evenly, which reduces the cooking time for you.

This product has a hard anodised surface underneath and is compatible with gas stovetops. You can enjoy residue-free cooking with the help of this appam pan. The cool-touch handle present on this pan can also help you make the dishes without having to worry about your safety. Taste, health, and great performance - this product gives you all.

5. Sjeware 12 Cavity Non-Stick Aluminium Appam Patra

If you want to get an appam making pan that is not only highly functional but also has a stylish design, this amazing appam patra from Sjeware store is the perfect choice for you. It has a pink or red metallic paint that sets it aside from all the vanilla-looking appam pans in the market.

We recommend this 12-cavity appam pan for its considerable features. The triple layer coating and the inner non-stick layer along with a grooved bottom distributes heat evenly, which can cut your cooking time and make it much more effortless. The stainless steel, strong and sturdy rubber handles are great for gripping, making this a safe and secure option. It is non-toxic. Lastly, it is dishwasher safe.

6. DIVYAM Enterprise Aluminium Non-Stick 12 Cavities Appam Patra

This amazing appam making pan is easily one of the best ones out there when it comes to cost, usefulness and features. With a sleek and stylish appearance, this appam pan is light in weight and odourless. The heavy-gauge aluminium triple-layer coating makes food cook faster. This non-stick pan comes with a stainless steel lid, oil brush, scrub pad and a wooden stick.

If you don’t have much time on your hands during the morning, then we advise you to go for this appam pan. It heats up evenly and cuts your cooking time in half, essentially reducing your efforts as well. Remember to cover the pan with the stainless steel lid (comes with a knob) while cooking to get much softer appams. However, if you like crispier appams, don’t cover it with the lid.

7. DALUCI Aluminium Non-Stick 12 Cavities With Lid Appam Pan

This highly-rated appam pan has been used by thousands of people, and they have all loved it for a multitude of reasons, mainly the features it offers. One of its best features is its cool touch bakelite ear handles and double rivets, which makes using this pan much safer. It is made out of aluminium and has a simple yet effective design.

The non-stick coating prevents food from sticking to the bottom and the non-toxic, PFOA free coating lets you have healthy food. Remember to use wooden spatula and not metal as it may damage the non-stick coating. If you have a large family, we highly recommend this product as it allows you to cook a big breakfast and saves a lot of time and effort as well. Besides, it consumes less gas.

The Intricacies of Our Product Research and Testing Procedures

With the overflowing cookware markets of today which offer a plethora of “quality” options to customers who only perhaps want to get started as fast as possible, we at Cookware Mart realised how difficult it is for buyers to make good choices today. There are too many options out there and you cannot trust any brand easily so we understand your dilemma. That’s why we decided to help our customers by coming up with our best picks from the market for each category of cookware out there. To best help our readers understand how we operate and establish good faith and trust, we have divided our explanation into the following sections:

Why You Should Trust Us

We at Cookware Mart aim to make the lifestyles of our customers simple and clutter-free by providing them practical solutions and tips all tried and tested by our incredible teams. We consider it our responsibility to guide and lead the food-loving Indian market towards only the best in class cookwares so that we can all have a hearty and loving meal.

We pride ourselves in having a dedicated and diversified team of food enthusiasts which include chefs and cookware experts in addition to our science and research teams for those trustee statistics and numbers. We work tirelessly to gather, test and review an exorbitant amount of products so you don’t have to. Our selected products which pass the preliminaries are put through a stringent series of tests. These range from durability tests which include drop tests, heat resistance, bend tests to cooking tests by our expert chefs who know how to put cookwares through the wringer. We dedicate hours of our time and money to thoroughly check for any flaws and defects however minute all so that we can bring you the very best of the best in the current market.

We also ask experienced chefs in our contacts for their opinions and preferred picks. To go the extra mile we also conduct vast polls asking all our fellow homemakers and veterans of the culinary world to give us their little bit of opinion and information so that you don’t miss out on anything. We have all come together to help you out all because we share our common passions in food. We love cooking and eating with our families and we want the same for all our loving customers out there.

Who This Is For

We keep in mind that our recommended products have an equal appeal to both veterans and beginners. Be it for the classic mom’s kitchen, roadside eateries or restaurants or even for your beloved’s ultra-modern high-tech office pantries- our products appeal to culinary enthusiasts from all walks of life. Our products are versatile and cost-effective. Some of our target audiences who might especially find our recommendations helpful are:

  • Professional/hobby chefs
  • Culinary enthusiasts
  • Novice cooks
  • Beginners in the culinary adventure
  • New homemakers
  • Home-cooked food lovers, and so on

We recommend reading our in-depth reviews for each product to find one that fits your needs best and we can assure you- one sure will because we leave no stone unturned.

How We Picked

Our primary screenings of each product determined their general efficiency, durability, longevity, design and aesthetics. In our second stage of research, testing and analysis, our parameters delved into the deeper more technical layers of analysis. While we won’t discuss all the boring numbers and details that went into it, here are our general technical parameters under which we broadly operated:

Non-stick coating

Most non-stick cookware use Teflon as their base material. Depending on the quality of the cookware it may have up to 5 layers of Teflon coating for the true masterclass cooking experience. Usually, cookwares have Teflon coatings ranging from 2-4 layers. Some use German PFOA coating for chemical-free healthy cooking while others use PTFE for maximum efficiency in oil and heat consumption.

Material of the pan

The material of the pans can range from stainless steel, versions of aluminium or even the classic cast iron. All of these have their own pros and cons but generally speaking - stainless steel pans are known for durability, aluminium pans for their light-weight and versatility and finally cast irons are famous for their longevity. Of course, regardless of the pan material, we recommend additional care in washing and storing them which naturally increases their longevity and durability by a manifold.

Number of cups/cavities

Appam pans come in cups ranging from 5 to a maximum of 12. These determine how many appams you can make in one go. We weighed our options and we decided, for a country like ours - the more the better. We weighed their prices against the features and number of cups they offered so you can get the best value for money product from the stores.

Material of the handle

The material of the handle should be preferably silicone or backlite which provide the best in class heat resistance. We also checked for the body to handle ratio and the weight distribution statistics to prevent slippage or loss of grip.


We looked for aesthetic appeal and took note of the finishing flaws if any so that you don’t get any accidental cuts or accidents. We also took note of the edges of the pan- whether they were dangerously sharp or rounded and whether they were ergonomically designed for the most comfort in movement, grip and manoeuvrability.


Finally, we checked for safety standards. We know about the risks, however minute, of chemical contamination and toxicity from Teflon so we looked for PFOA or PFOS coatings that prevent the non-stick Teflon from mixing and contaminating your foods. This is especially necessary for the health-conscious and health sensitive customers out there.

As promised, we won’t bore you with the big numbers and statistics we gathered from the hundred other parameters we checked through to only give you the best of the best.

Our Picks

Here’s our list for the best appam maker in India, after gruelling hours of strict tests and vast research. Read on below to pick your choice!

Sr. No.ProductBuy Now
1Anjali-DAL 12 Appa Patra Diamond SeriesCheck Price
2BMS Appam PatraCheck Price
3Tossa Non-Stick 7 Cavity Appam Patra With LidCheck Price
4iBELL Premium Non-Stick Aluminium Appachatty With LidCheck Price
5Sjeware 12 Cavity Non-Stick Aluminium Appam PatraCheck Price
6DIVYAM Enterprise Aluminium Non-Stick 12 Cavities Appam PatraCheck Price
7DALUCI Aluminium Non-Stick 12 Cavities With Lid Appam PanCheck Price

Final Verdict

Our favourite pick of the lot is Anjali-DAL 12 Appa Patra Diamond Series for its unsurpassed scores in all parameters.

The BMS Appam Patra is our next best option which delivers most of our top preferred features at a more affordable price. It closely competes with our top pick while still being a lot cheaper in comparison.

The Tossa Non-Stick 7 Cavity Appam Patra With Lid is the best budget pick from our list. It also comes with the extra feature of PFOA assured chemical safety for all our health-conscious consumers out there.

However, we must assure you, no matter your choice, our recommended top 7 are our best in segment, quality products, hand-picked by our experts and all worthy of your purchase.