During cookware shopping, we consider numerous factors and quick and efficient heat distribution is something we always look for. Aluminum and stainless steel Kadai is the most common cookware we could see in every Indian household. But both the cookware possesses some major differences on the front of performance, heat conductivity, cost, etc. If you're juggling between whether to choose aluminum or stainless steel Kadai, you're in good hands. As we have penned down the essentials of stainless steel and aluminum to assist you to pick the right and safe one for your kitchen tasks. We have discussed the upsides and downsides of aluminium vs stainless steel kadai in the below section. We bring helping hands for your kitchen tasks with this post.

Pros of Stainless Steel Cookware

  • Better for Indian Cooking: A stainless steel Kadai is better cookware to make purees, curries, and fried vegetables as it distributes heat rather slowly resulting in chances of burning food being very less. Plus, it is also suitable for cooking foods for a longer time.
  • Durable: Stainless steel is a long-lasting material, and if you're not gentle with it, it still doesn't get scratches easily.
  • Oven and Induction Safe: Most stainless steel cookware with a layered magnetic base on the exterior support is oven-safe up to 500 degrees. Plus, they can also be used on induction cooktops. This allows seamless cooking of any dish in stainless steel cookware.
  • Appealing: Stainless steel Kadai generally comes with a stylish finish, which can add more features to your kitchen.
  • Non-Reactive: Stainless steel Kadai is more suitable for cooking any acidic foods or vinegar contained food. It keeps you safe from metals leaching into your food without compromising the taste and health profile of the food.

Cons of Stainless Steel Kadai

  • Expensive: A good quality stainless steel Kadai is not cheap. For a better quality brand, you need to pay more bucks.
  • Poor Heat Conduction: This is the main factor where aluminum cookware hammered stainless steel rigorously. It could be the main consideration for working people.
  • Staining: You must be disappointed after learning that the glossy surface of stainless steel Kadai can easily formulate stains when left in tap water for a long time.

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Pros of Aluminum Cookware

  • Great Heat Conductor: We all know that aluminum is one of the best metals for conducting heat. Aluminum Kadai heats up quickly which saves you lots of cooking time.
  • Long-Lasting: If it's hard-anodized aluminum Kadai, then it is resistant to scratches. Not 100% scratch-proof but far better than non-anodized Kadai.
  • Doesn’t React: Aluminium can easily react and begin to leach metals into the food. But if you buy hard-anodized aluminum Kadai, then it won’t react.
  • Heats Uniformly: Being a good heat conductor, it does not only heat quickly, it heats evenly across the surface. Cooking becomes very easy and smooth when the heat is distributed evenly throughout the cookware.
  • Affordable: Indian kitchen market is loaded with many high-quality hard-anodized Kadai sets which offer feature-loaded benefits for inexpensive prices.

Cons of Aluminium Kadai

  • Usability: It is difficult to use this type of cookware on glass top cooktops.
  • Not Induction Safe: This is another main point where aluminum Kadai is not good.
  • Dishwasher-Safe: Aluminium Kadai is not safe for dishwasher cleaning which may disappoint busy people.

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Final Verdict

If you're looking for safe cookware, pick stainless steel Kadai as it is safe with no coating. This type of cookware has an inert surface that does not chemically react. If you're a skilled cook, aluminum cookware could be the best option. This type of cookware heats up very fast and to control this temperature you need experienced cooking skills beforehand. If still, you couldn't choose between aluminium vs stainless steel kadai, find a cookware set with a core of aluminum and a shell and surface of stainless steel. With this material cookware, you will acquire a great set of benefits to help you in your home or professional cooking experiences.